Offloading Reporting With Real-Time Data Replication

Offloading Reporting with Real-Time Data Replication Legacy IBM DB2 or Oracle databases process transactional data as well today as they did ten or even twenty years ago. These machines are secure and interwoven into the information technology infrastructure of most mature companies. So why is there such a rush to move to the cloud? Reporting. Business intelligence and other advanced analytics require large... Read More

Oracle Data Replication

Oracle Data Replication With SQDR Overview Oracle Data Replication with SQDR replicates data in real-time from Oracle to other relational databases, the cloud, and Big Data stores. SQDR utilizes log-based change data capture to minimize latency, maximize scalability, ensure accuracy, and optimize performance, making it one of the most powerful data integration tools available today. In addition to Oracle, SQDR... Read More

Oracle Data Replication With SQDR Vs GoldenGate

Why Choose SQDR Over Oracle GoldenGate? SQDR offers top-flight performance, set-it-and-forget-it reliability, a more intuitive interface, a substantially more attractive feature set, and a highly experienced support team that offers timely end-to-end support. All for 10-20% of the cost of GoldenGate. How is this possible? Oracle’s vendor lock-in strategy stresses keeping customers completely within Oracle’s... Read More