Zero Downtime Cloud Migration with SQDR

Zero Downtime Cloud Migration with SQDR Cloud Migration Overview Companies are increasingly leveraging cloud storage for its scalability, reliability, and availability. The cloud can reduce operational costs, facilitate geographical expansion, and offer disaster recovery improvements, among other benefits. However, migrating to the cloud can also be expensive, time-consuming, and pose serious risks. Few companies... Read More

Offloading Reporting With Real-Time Data Replication

Offloading Reporting with Real-Time Data Replication Legacy IBM DB2 or Oracle databases process transactional data as well today as they did ten or even twenty years ago. These machines are secure and interwoven into the information technology infrastructure of most mature companies. So why is there such a rush to move to the cloud? Reporting. Business intelligence and other advanced analytics require large... Read More

iSeries Data Replication With SQDR

iSeries Data Replication with SQDR Heterogeneous real-time data replication for iSeries and AS/400   Data problems manifest in a lot of different ways: Too many ad hoc queries bogging down your your IBM iSeries server? Have a new web service to bring up in weeks, not months? Need to re-engineer your DB2 i database without breaking existing applications? Data replication is an effective solution... Read More

Data Replication Buyer’s Guide

StarQuest Releases the Data Replication Buyer’s Guide Choosing the right data replication vendor is a decision that no IT professional can afford to get wrong. Pick the right solution and your data flows reliably across your company’s ecosystem in real-time without complicated migration projects; pick the wrong solution and you can expect nightmarish downtimes, loss of currency, and time-consuming rebuilds.... Read More

Data Replication: How to Teach Old Data New Tricks

What can be done when the CEO demands that transactional data generated and stored on legacy RDBMS be made available to apps that only work with modern data stores? Homegrown solutions coded in dated languages are not practical and data migration projects are inevitably time-consuming and expensive. So what’s an IT pro to do? Consider data replication software. Heterogenous data replication solutions ensure... Read More

Database Replication with SQDR

Too many ad hoc queries bogging down your database server? Have a new web service to bring up fast – in weeks not months? Need to re-engineer your existing database infrastructure without breaking existing applications? Find out how you can move your existing workload to low-cost Wintel-based solutions using StarQuest’s SQDR – and free up precious resources on your database server and improve overall... Read More

SQDR Update: Version 4.6 Now Available

StarQuest is pleased to announce the release of SQDR V4.6 which includes performance enhancements and new features that simplify data migration from other data replication products such as IBM InfoSphere Change... Read More