StarQuest values our customer success – delighting our customers with everything we do to help drive unparalleled high availability access and real-time replication performance. We are pleased to share testimonials and case studies from StarQuest customers who are using our proven technology and relying on the expertise of our customer success team.

Software Developer Benefits from Real-time Data Connectivity in the Cloud with SQDR

This software developer needed to re-architect their in-house remote access application for employees to improve speed, reliability, and productivity. Requirements included a need to transfer a customer relationship management application and a support-tracking application to Amazon Web services, as well as creation of a hot backup to avoid service interruptions. StarQuest delivered the following results:

  • Remote employees now have reliable, secure 24/7 access to all corporate data
  • Real-time access to 50,000 customers and data are instantly accessible
  • Cloud storage plus authorized access give optimal flexibility and security
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SQDR and StarSQL Streamlines High- volume Analytics Reporting in the Financial Market

ipad analytics

This international financial lending and management institution supports hundreds of credit organizations, government monitoring agencies, and loan servicers with 62,000 employees in more than 120 countries. The account and customer service teams were manually compiling millions of financial transactions into daily reports for their clients using a cumbersome time intensive procedure. Now with SQDR and StarSQL, they have streamlined high-volume enterprise-level transactions and reporting, and improved service to their clients. StarQuest delivered the following results:

  • The implementation of SQDR has decreased data turnaround time by 75%
  • Use of a public network over private circuit saved $5,000 per month
  • Greatly reduced time needed to generate 100+ daily reports, enhancing client relationships and servicing
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SQDR Enables Consumer Electronics Retailer to Improve Productivity by Automating its Inventory and Adding Real-time Accessibility

Consumer Electronics

A discount retailer of consumer electronics with ten showrooms needed to improve the accessibility and accuracy of their inventory database by employees. They needed an automated and more efficient process to access data residing on the central IBM iSeries for checking inventory and customer sales data on a real-time basis. StarQuest delivered the following results:

  • A 70% reduction in administrative time to verify inventory and sales data
  • A “floating” network license removed the need to count and manage software licenses, a substantial time savings
  • Significant cost savings achieved by trading two expensive data transfer and inventory management point solutions for StarQuest
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SQDR Creates Real-time Inventory Capability Delivering a Substantial Increase in Ecommerce Sales

Top Notch Distributors, Inc. Case Study

Top Notch sells a wide selection of Residential, Commercial and Electronic Access Control products, parts and accessories from over 60 manufacturers. To improve revenues and customer satisfaction, Top Notch wanted customers to be able to view their account, purchase history, and available inventory on a real-time basis. Now Top Notch uses SQDR to move data in real-time from the iSeries and InFor ERP program into SQL reporting tools to populate a dynamic e-store. StarQuest delivered the following results:

  • Site traffic doubled and ecommerce sales increased dramatically
  • Inventory data is instantaneous, improving customer service and saving employee time checking inventory to process orders
  • The IT team reduced time spent on reporting and data issues by 10-20%
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SQDR Powers Data Intelligence Center with Real-time Data Replication

National Wild Turkey Federation Case Study

The National Wild Turkey Federation is a national non-profit with 2,350 US chapters. Historically, all local membership and accounting information was stored and distributed on one main iSeries in a central location. Staff “power users” wrote various iSeries queries, but were increasingly overwhelmed with requests. Now with StarQuest and Tableau, the IT department created real-time personalized departmental dashboards and preconfigured reports across departments, without depending on overtaxed employees or IT managers. StarQuest delivered the following results:

  • The IT team saved at least 25% of their time running queries
  • The StarQuest + Tableau solutions created a data intelligence center, streamlining all NWTF operations
  • With department managers able to access the data intelligence center, they have more time to focus on increasing membership and donations
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SQDR Real-time Efficiencies Keeps Orders and Operations Flowing

US Foods Case Study
US Foods

US Foods operates stockyards and food processing plants across the United States, processing nearly 70,000 transactions daily between each processing plant and headquarters. To process orders, inventory transaction details were sent back to headquarters. However, when the network went down, a backlog of orders was created and production ceased. Now SQDR provides a continuous network connection, so headquarters can process orders independently. StarQuest delivered the following results:

  • Immediate access to order data improved facilities production and efficiency
  • No reliance on connectivity prevents any breakdowns in production
  • Proactive email notifications help thwart potential issues
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