StarQuest Product Licensing

StarQuest products require a license to use. There are many flexible options available for licensing StarQuest products, including volume discounting and attractively-priced software bundles for organizations that need more than one StarQuest product. Contact StarQuest Sales for product pricing information. This page describes how each of the StarQuest products is licensed.


The StarSQL driver package includes both the ODBC and JDBC drivers. You can deploy the StarSQL driver on any number of Java, Linux, UNIX, or Windows client computers, and pay only for the number of connections that are needed at the same time. For example, if an organization has 250 client computers but fewer than 25 of the users need database access at one time, it could install the StarSQL driver on all of the computers in the organization but only purchase a license for 25 concurrent connections. As shown in the following illustration, a StarLicense server can be configured to manage the StarSQL licenses, checking out a license for each database connection as it is needed.

StarSQL concurrent connections

StarSQL licenses are suitable for use with Web servers and traditional client-server applications, with attractive entry-level pricing and volume-purchase discounts. The StarSQL driver also is available in attractively priced packages for customers who only need access to a particular IBM database, such as DB2 for i or DB2 for LUW.

StarQuest Data Replicator

The StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR) software is licensed per Windows-based computer on which it is installed. SQDR performs full-refresh replication, producing an snapshot of the specified source data at a specific point in time. An unlimited amount of data can be replicated to and from any of the supported databases.

SQDR licensing


SQDR Plus monitors the source database for changes and updates the target database when the transaction is committed. The SQDR Plus software is licensed for each pair of source and destination databases, regardless of how many tables are replicated. For example, if you need to perform incremental replication of data from a DB2 LUW database to a SQL Server database and from a DB2 for i database to an Oracle database, you would need two SQDR Plus licenses.

SQDR Plus licensing


If you have further questions about licensing of StarQuest products, please contact StarQuest Sales or call +1-415-669-9619.