StarQuest Data Replicator v5.07 Release Notes

March 2019


StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR) is a replication software product that allows you to copy data between IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Informix database environments. You can replicate any table, portion of a table, or view. You can schedule replications to take place at specified intervals or on demand. Replicating data from one database management system to another allows you to:

StarQuest Data Replicator provides:

If you will be using SQDR for snapshot replication, refer to the Quick Start Guide for the StarQuest Data Replicator for detailed information about installing StarQuest Data Replicator for the first time. If you will be using SQDR with its companion product SQDR Plus for incremental replication, refer to the SQDR Plus Quick Start Guide.

After you install the software, refer to the online help for information about configuring and using the Data Replicator. Press F1 or click the Help button in a dialog or on the toolbar to display the online help when using the Data Replicator Manager application.

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarQuest Data Replicator introduces the following new features and improvements:

Upgrade Considerations

Important:Data Replicator Manager v4.96 or later can connect only to an SQDR service running v4.96 or later.

Important: If you are upgrading from any version of StarQuest Data Replicator earlier than 4.90, you must run the Data Replicator Configuration to migrate your settings from the registry to the Control database.

Important:After updating to SQDR 4.90, the service will attempt to connect to every configured Source on startup, and will continue to do so on each service startup until it finally makes contact with that Source. If your SQDR configuration contains Sources that are either temporarily or permanently inaccessible, there will be a noticeable delay at startup. You can reduce this delay by changing the Login Timeout value on the Connection Pools panel of Service Properties from the default of 30 seconds to a lower value. However, it is preferable to ensure that all sources are accessible at least once during SQDR service startup, or remove unused Sources.

Important: If you are upgrading from StarQuest Data Replicator 4.0x or 4.1x, you must run the Data Replicator Configuration to update your existing control database to the 4.5 format; either select the checkbox to run the Configuration on the final screen of the installation wizard, or select Data Replicator Configuration from the Program Group, and choose "Use an existing control database and tables". See below for additional upgrade tasks if you are upgrading from SQDR 3.x.

See Upgrade Considerations for SQDR 4.5 for information on upgrading from SQDR prior to 4.5:

The following considerations apply to upgrading from a version of SQDR earlier than 4.01:


System Requirements

You can install and run the StarQuest Data Replicator on:

If you are using a 64-bit operating system, we recommend installing the 64-bit version of SQDR. If you are currently running a 32-bit version of SQDR on a 64-bit operating system and decide to upgrade to a 64-bit version of SQDR, see Upgrading to 64-bit SQDR for upgrade instructions.

We recommend installing the latest Windows updates. For Windows Server 2012R2 and windows 8.1, the  April 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 (2919355) is required.

A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is recommended when using Data Replicator Manager.

SQDR requires Visual C++ 2017 runtimes. The SQDR installer will install the Microsoft-supplied Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable package if it is not already present on the system. The Microsoft Redistributable package will remain on the system if SQDR is upgraded or uninstalled.

SQDR requires the Universal C Runtime (KB2999226), which is a Windows operating system component typically installed by Windows Update on systems earlier than Windows 10; it can also be downloaded from Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows. If not already present, this component is installed by the SQDR installer as part of the Visual Studio 2017 redistributables. The error api-ms-win-crt-convert-I1-1-0.dll is missing will result if KB2999226 has not been installed.

The following command will display whether KB2999226 has been installed:

C> wmic qfe list brief /format:texttablewsys | findstr KB2999226

The Data Replicator requires a control database in which to store definitions for sources, destinations, and subscriptions. If you are using SQDR Plus to support incremental replication, we recommend using the instance of DB2 LUW Express installed with SQDR Plus. Otherwise, you can use any of the following versions of IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix Windows (LUW) or Microsoft SQL Server for the SQDR control database. You can obtain DB2 Express-C free of charge from Similarly, you can obtain the Microsoft SQL Server Express free of charge from to use as a control database for the Data Replicator.

The control database can be either local or remote. For a remote database, install the appropriate ODBC driver:

You can replicate data to and from any of the following database systems:

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Enterprise or Express Edition 10.0, 11.10, 11.50, 11.70, 12.10
IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server 8.50 and higher
IBM Informix SE 7.25
IBM Informix OnLine 5.20 and higher

For incremental replication, SQDR Plus must be configured for the host database system.

Access to DB2 databases requires the StarSQL ODBC/DRDA driver (v6.2 or later recommended and included as part of the SQDR installation), the IBM DB2 Connect driver, or the IBM i Access for Windows driver (for access to data sources on DB2 for i).

If you use IBM i Access for Windows for accessing a DB2 for i database, install iAccess 7.1 (5770-XE1) with the SI64724 (June 2017) or later service pack. If you use IBM i Access Client Solutions (5733XJ1), the Windows Application Package must be at the June 2017 level or later.

For access to SQL Server, use the ODBC Driver 17.1 for SQL Server, ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server, or SQL Server Native Client 11.

Access to Apache Derby (JavaDB) requires StarSQL 6.20 or later.

PostgreSQL considerations:

When using the psqlODBC driver for PostgreSQL as a destination, we recommend configuring the Advanced panel as follows. See the Help file for a sample DSN-less connection string. We recommend using v10.1 or later of the psqlODBC driver; do not use v9.06.0500.

When using the SQDR bundled ODBC driver for PostgreSQL as a destination, we recommend configuring the Advanced panel as follows. See the Help file for a sample DSN-less connection string.

Oracle considerations:

For more information about the NLS_LANG environment variable, see:
Oracle 11g Appendix C Configuring Oracle Database Globalization Support
Oracle 12c Appendix C Configuring Oracle Database Globalization Support

MySQL considerations:

  Informix considerations:

Salesforce considerations:

In addition, you can use the Data Replicator with other databases if they can be accessed through an ODBC driver that complies with Level 2 of the ODBC 3.51 specification.

Installing and Using the StarQuest Data Replicator Software

Known Issues

MySQL Considerations

Indexes and primary keys on a MySQL source table may appear incorrectly in the subscription wizard; verify that only valid indexes are selected for replication purposes.

Precision Limitation for Oracle CHAR and RAW Column Types

The Oracle ODBC driver driver has a limitation that affects replicating from SQL Server or DB2 columns to an Oracle column of data type CHAR or RAW. Although the Oracle CHAR and RAW data types allow larger values, you must set the precision for the destination column that uses these types to 255 or less. If the source column precision is greater than 255, you can avoid data truncation by changing the destination column to a data type that allows a larger precision value. For character data, change the Oracle destination column data type to VARCHAR or LONG. For binary data, change the data type to LONG RAW.

Oracle Destination (Oracle driver) and Use Unicode Intermediates disables Mutirow Row Fetch and Insert:

If the destination is an Oracle database (using the Oracle ODBC driver) and the SQDR service is configured with Use Unicode Intermediates, the setting for Multirow Fetch and Insert is ignored, and the message "useUnicodeIntermediates disables MultiRow option for replication to Oracle destination" will appear in the replication statistics. Solution: use the SQDR bundled driver or DataDirect driver for Oracle.

Oracle destination limited to only one unsizable LONG mapping

If the destination is an Oracle database, you can replicate only one column that contains an unsizable LONG mapping; this is an Oracle limitation. If your source table contains more than one such column (e.g.multiple columns that map to BLOB or CLOB datatypes), you will need to choose which column to replicate and remove the other columns from the subscription.

Oracle Object Types are not supported
Oracle Object Types (also known as Abstract Data Types (ADT) or user-defined types) are complex compound structures that are not supported using ODBC and thus cannot be replicated by SQDR. You can replicate other data contained in tables with Object Type columns by deleting those columns in the Subscription Wizard.

Incremental Replication of Oracle LOB columns
There is a known issue when performing incremental replication of LOB columns from an Oracle source. When updating the contents of length of a LOB column that is greater than 4000 bytes, you must also update another column of the same row.

BCP error when replicating to SQL Server

Replication to SQL Server may fail in certain situations, such as when there is at least one LOB column n the source table and more than one ''image" column in the target table. You can work around this problem by specifying "Insert using ODBC" rather than BCP in the destination options of the subscription.

Replicating XML columns to and from DB2 for i (iSeries) and DB2 for LUW

When replicating tables containing XML columns to DB2 for i and DB2 for LUW destinations, the following limitations apply:

Replicating NULL-valued XML columns to DB2 for LUW with StarSQL

If you are using StarSQL 6.19 or later to connect to a DB2 for LUW destination and inserting NULL-valued XML data, you will need the fix for one of the following APARS, included in the listed fixpak:

Memory usage of Service increases when communicating with Manager

Leaving the Data Replicator Manager running for extended periods of time could cause a memory management problem in the Replicator Service. To avoid this, we recommend running the Replicator Manager only when you need to configure the service or subscriptions or monitor the replication operations. In addition, the Replication Manager will automatically exit after running for twelve hours.

Saving Subscriptions to AS/400 Member Files

If you encounter a subscription validation error while saving a new subscription that will replicate to a member of a physical file on an AS/400, you may need to cancel the subscription wizard and completely redefine the subscription in order to specify a member for the destination file.

Columns with a DEFAULT value

If the source table has columns that are defined with a DEFAULT value, that information is not preserved when the destination table is created using SQDR.



Config: Control database naming

Do not use a hyphen when naming a SQL Server control database; an ODBC syntax error: "Incorrect syntax near 'Control-DB'" will result when sqdrconf attempts to create the control database.

SQDR Service fails to start

If the SQDR Service fails to start with the error "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.", be sure that the user specified to run the service is authorized to use DCOM. On Windows Server 2008, this can be accomplished by adding the user to the group Distributed COM Users.

MySQL: table not found error

If the name of a MySQL source table contains a period, the table will appear in the list of available source tables, but selecting it for replication will result in a "table not found" error. Either rename the table or create a view over the table and choose the view for replication.

Kognitio WX2 Issues

Documentation Errata

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarQuest Data Replicator software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
v5.07.0327 Mar 2019 14539 - Refactor Key Processing in Apply
14545 - datetime->varchar2(23) results in string truncation error
14547 - Handle inflation of timestamp to large destination
14549 - Issue processing insert into iSer to Oracle sub (CLOB to LONG)
14550 - Detect LOB truncation in Apply
14551 - Oracle destination: Drop associated index if constructing drop primary key SQL
14555 - Editing existing SQL Server source may result in bogus error message
14556 - Use reference to object, not copy, when analyzing imported data types for derived columns
14558 - SQL Server CT Agent with "use existing "must force "relaxed apply"
v5.06.0302 Mar 2019 14519 - Expose foreign keys as group/subscription replication choice for IR Groups/Subscriptions
14535 - Expand displayed length of SQL_DOUBLE to 23 with precision 17
14537 - Mutable keys may result in extra rows after touchup of baseline
v5.05.0214 Feb 2019 14523 - Enhance Insert processing to incorporate new "M" vector
14527 - Oracle: Sub flagged when update statement is missing columns
14528 - Handle subscription that specifies Upsert that includes a clob
v5.04.0128 Jan 2019 14488 - Enhance Derived Columns to specify staging DBMS derivation rules
14490 - New builtin macro @null for derived column definitions
14501 - New @skip macro
14505 - Expose fetch error if present and using multithreaded baseline
14509 - Don't use Upsert if compression in effect
v5.03.1307 Jan 2019 14419 - Informix & IBM Informix driver - detect I/R schema - case-sensitivity
14428 - Implement support for SQ47114711M control column in CV
14436 - column import scripting for "DROP"
14437 - If use existing automatically drop non-existing destination columns
14440 - Expand "MAP" directive to provide means of defining derived column for a source column
14442 - Handle mapping of TIMESTAMP(93) to DATE(91)
14444 - If "use existing" is specified do not preserve unused source columns in the subscription
14458 - Informix LOB length macros
14480 - DB2 Connect fails to connect via StarPipes with non-zero Login Timeout
14481 - Increase new source/dest connection maximum default to 100
14482 - Informix (through DB2 gateway): subcription creation issue
14483 - JSON encoding of single quote
14493 - "P_KEY" column values in sqlogger "key" columns
14497 - changes for MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0.13
v5.02.1016 Oct 2018 13552 - Disallow changing SQL Server source database during Add Subscription
14337 - win2019/win10 fall 2018: ADO/VARCHAR issue
14412 - SQLStatistics/SQLFetch fails with "numeric value out of range"
14413 - Don't lookup IR Schemas when running subscription wizard
14423 - SQDR_ODBC installer: add SQL Server 8
14424 - SQL Server: Qualify lookup for IR Schemas to default database if specified
14427 - Enforce soft-delete restricted update even if change vector not implemented
v5.01.0905 Sept 2018 14355 - SQDR: build with vs2017
14356 - SQDR Installer: updates for VS2017 build
14357 - SQDR & SQDR_ODBC Installer: update to InstallShield 2018
14365 - Allow derived column to be defined as part of destination where clause for CDC processing
14366 - Provide means to create/maintain a "partition key"
14367 - When import/inserting multiple subscriptions do not generate unique dest name if "use existing"
14371 - SQDR_ODBC: add Salesforce & Redshift
14390 - Modify open window protocol for Oracle
14397 - soft Delete option should also consider @TYPE, not just JED('enttyp')
14398 - Tighten use of "relaxedApply"
14402 - Installer: update to vs2017 14.15.26706 redistrib
14405 - Create of Group with Schedule in subscription wizard should not create schedule for subscriptions
v5.00.0722 Jul 2018 14207 - Redesigned checkpoint restart - expanded support for keyed tables
14273 - Subscription Wizard: Provide option to associate destination schema with source schema
14291 - Expose wait time for service shutdown in drmgr
14300 - Check to disable existing indexes for baseline should occur in separate UOW
14301 - Avoid failing to run baseline because checkpoint is invalid
14303 - Import Group Members with three-part names
14304 - Support Amazon Redshift as destination and snapshot source
14313 - Preseve service property customizations when using Manager
14314 - Serialized XML & JSON should match TIME & TIMESTAMP source scale
14325 - Revise connection management to support drivers/dbms without support for transactions
14338 - Add support for SalesForce & Redshift
14344 - Improve handling of re-prepare required in baseline
14345 - improvements for BT14207
14346 - Cannot create additional indexes on SQL Server ControlDB if CS is specified
14347 - Truncate results in SQL Error Invalid SQL <EOF>
14348 - Cache DBMS support for SQLCancel
StarSQL 6.37.0719
v4.99.0502 May 2018 14279 - option to ignore baseline source commit error
14280 - option to compress nonunique index (SQL Server)
14287 - Make sc stop sqdrsvc "fast"
14236 - SQDRConf: support ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server & IBM DB2 ODBC driver
v4.98.0428 Apr 2018 11834 - If Use Existing and Destination allows, Disable/Rebuild non-unique indexes
14249 - Add macro @tz
14258 - SQL Server: Support I/R subs from database with hyphen or other nonstandard chars
14272 - Settings for various maximum Apply retry intervals
14279 - option to ignore baseline source commit error
14280 - option to compress nonunique index (SQL Server)
14287 - Make sc stop sqdrsvc "fast"
v4.97.0226 Feb 2018 14216 - Improve text in destination panel and I/R Group advanced panel
14219 - Use 3 part name if optioned on in RRN scalar function
14227 - provide mechanism to avoid matching non-supported ODBC types in subscription wizard
v4.96.1322 Jan 2018 9746 - Improve support for destination object naming conventions
13899 - Support Pervasive PSQL as a destination (SS & IR) and snapshot source
14050 - SDQR_ODBC: add SQDR Oracle 8.0.x & Hive 8.0.
14054 - SQDR Oracle 8.0.x driver - mapping for VARCHAR(10) and other data types
14117 - Expose "scale" for SQL_TIMESTAMP data types in subscription wizard
14126 - Drmgr: Decouple use of Qualifier and Schema from certified DBMS types
14127 - Expand use of GetValue to allow mix of C_Types and SQL Types
14128 - Replication should automatically disable MultiRow if not supported
14168 - Clarify error message when Apply flags an incremental subscription for baseline
14157 - Postgresql/Azure/MySQL/Pervasive target - rerun existing IR sub, does not attempt to drop index first - results in error
14180 - Cache GetTypeInfo Catalog call
14186 - Display preprocessing messages in subscription replication statistics during group run
14191 - Insert Member into Snapshot Group Fails
14194 - MySQL - datetime(0) -> datetime2(0) mappings resulting in RPC errors
14199 - Expose a useful default database value if the source/dest driver uses qualifier
StarSQL 6.34
v4.95.1114 Nov 2017 14080 - drmgr: display version # of servers
14121 - TargetChecker reports negative value (-1) in Source column when criteria specified
v4.94.1107 Nov 2017 13817 - Support schema & table name wildcard for COLUMN and DROP scripts
14058 - MySQL - IR w/LOB Column & decorator against source db/table
14105 - SQDR_Oracle Timestamp processing should display "TIMESTAMP(scale)" mapping option
14108 - Issues with change processing for null syncrhonized tables using unique constraints
14112 - Replicate char to varchar destination maintaining blank fill if RTRIM not enabled
14115 - Only truncate timestamps if source scale > target scale
v4.93.1024 Oct 2017 11613 - Permit Manager to connect to SQDRSVC on remote hosts
14060 - drmgr: Connections folder will not sort on "Name" column when clicked. Incorrect sort on "Dwell"
14064 - Subscription Wizard Apply option "Archive" broken for multiple subscriptions
14065 - Installer: create & document a Manager-only installer
14077 - drmgr: reduce elevation requirement
v4.92.1002 Oct 2017 14063 - Provide performance defaults for SQDR_Oracle driver connection strings
v4.91.0920 Sep 2017 14061 - Oracle to SQLServer - Manual Synchronization option - commit at source fails
v4.90.0912 Sep 2017 13903 - Recognize MySQL as Incremental Replication Source
13681 - Migrate SQDRSVC registry values to control database table
13924 - Fix verify criteria check (IR)
13941 - Add CSAC & CAC for Oracle Apply and Source connection strings
13942 - AddSubscriber should always use quoted names for construction of select column and where clause
13951 - Utilize persisted database capabilities in srcdestcache
13958 - Improve performance of group properties modifications
13970 - Use three part names for SQL Server & Azure Drop Index Statement
13971 - When using MINENDDTA do not UPSERT
13974 - iSeries MINENTDTA handling during open window processing
13976 - Move operation must relink TargetYoke
13983 - Avoid writing empty string into Oracle Character data type columns
13984 - Change service defaults for various parameters
14003 - suppress AutoUnique datatypes for destination mapping
14004 - Improvements to Cancel for subscription run and to connection handling for baselines
14009 - suppress "timestamp" as option for SQL Server destination column mapping
14015 -bind iSeries "ROWID" as binary data for purposes of Apply
14053 - Throw std::runtime_error instead of issuing "abort" when SQDR_ASSERT raised
StarSQL 6.33
v4.75.0329 Mar 2017 13819 - certify SQL Server ODBC 13 driver
13892 - Log RM-SQDRSVC configuration actions
13901 - Installer: set CategoryCount to at least nine
13902 - Subscription Wizard Apply option "Archive" & multiple subscriptions
v4.74.0318 Mar 2017 13818 - SQDRConf: recognize SQL Server ODBC 13 driver
13891 - Produce crash dump on unhandled exception
13893 - Use DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH for Oracle BLOB types
13898 - Use existing should map var (max) types accordingly
13900 - Avoid deadlock on ir_subscription when performing index post-processing of destination in Apply
v4.73.0228 Feb 2017 13617 - Use Existing should uses corresponding destination column mapping
13879 - provide switch to override use of Oracle CHAR decorator
13885 - SQDR Oracle Driver & SQLDescribeColumn properly with N[VAR]CHAR
v4.72.0124 Jan 2017 11982 - Improve Statistics pruning - avoid deadlocks
13752 - Apply: LOB processing, write empty string (rather than null) for LOB that cannot be copied
13779 - SQDR & SQDR_ODBC Installer: update to InstallShield 2016
13811 - Apply: Never set column to null value if destination is not nullable
13830 - Update VS2015u3 PRQ to latest version and fix registry condition
13836 - Apply restricts derived columns to just "I" & "U" unnecessarily
13838 - Apply - when using relaxedApply - report event should use first error
13839 - Refinements to logging behavior
13842 - View DDL replication improvements
13844 - Informix: Drop Primary Key syntax error encountered during baseline processing
13845 - Default SQDRC PkgColID to STARSQL (not SQDR)
13851 - PoolManager not sweeping expired connections using configured value.
13852 - Enhanced support for SQL Server EE CDC incremental replication.
13855 - consolidate message categories
13863 - correct length used for UDB->SQL Server baseline of CLOB data
13866 - Permit use of "truncate" for iSeries destinations
v4.70.1120 Nov 2016 13827 - Provide option to tolerate Apply errors due to constraint violations
v4.69.1031 Oct 2016 13770 - Invalid JSON format in column data
13777 - Add support for PostgreSQL
13798 - Expose new logging options in GUI
13799 - Correct message text when unable to create a unique index
StarSQL 6.31
v4.68.1011 Oct 2016 9428 - Provide finer-gain control over emailed notifications & logging
13735 - Enhance user feedback when using "Import Members" GUI option
13737 - Tibero 6 DBMS ODBC support
13758 - Support CompareChangeData with vertical partitioning
v4.67.0815 Aug 2016 13288 - Provide Export/Import Action for Incremental Groups subscriptions
13702 - Installer: create pre-req for VS2015 update 3
13712 - Improve instrumentation of WinMgr
13714 - Use CommonAppData StarQuest\SQDR for controlDB connection string
v4.66.0713 Jul 2016 13687 - Do not flagged "G" operations that delete zero rows
13690 - Uneven support for DB2 TRUNCATE statement SQL variant
13692 - Support Json encoding of IR String values
v4.65.0608 Jun 2016 13621 - Installer: updates for VS2015 build
13659 - Support transfer of character data containing embedded NULLs
13661 - Conform ir_keylog columns to xml standard
13664 - Notify Stored Procedure (if enabled) if I/R group is modified
13667 - Refactor Archive "apply" processing
13671 - build SQDR with VS2015
13673 - Include "RRN" in after_image for updates if used as key
13676 - Apply must use dsn specific quote delimeters
13677 - Enhance recovery from Update constraint violation
13679 - AutoBuffer, incorrect mapping of SQL_C_WCHAR to single byte string for use in XML
13618 - Use "new" i/r group defaults when group is automatically created
v4.64.0503 May 2016 Internal architecture changes
13622 - PoolManager race condition
13627 - @TX Macro and SQL Server or Oracle I/R Sources
13629 - ApplyManager initialization race condition
13635 - Various improvements in "Archive" destination option processing
v4.63.0119 Jan 2016 13565 - Bind statistics messages using SQL_LONGVARCHAR
13572 - Decoded Key information missing in error notification
13582 - Extraneous warning message(s) when touching up ControlDB (indexes)
v4.62.1231 Dec 2015 13417 - SQDR Service does not exit cleanly when stopped
13561 - Implement fixed length string type for binding input parameters
13563 - ir_keylog & statistic control tables needs indexes
v4.61.1209 Dec 2015 11054 - Informix: Cannot modify precision for target (Informix) LVARCHAR columns
13218 - Informix: Problems creating destination tables using Informix
13474 - Informix: SS from SQL Server to Informix fails if LVARCHAR involved (undoes 10852)
13517 - Add support for Informix Capture Agent
13518 - Informix: Add support for DB2 ODBC Driver
13519 - Informix: rowid is reserved name
13523 - ir_subscription should use group_id and subscription id for stats update
13524 - Optimize the common Replication Manager queries referencing srcdest table
13525 - Cannot move a subscription if ir_keylog contains entries
13526 - Informix: DBMS requires IR index removed prior to creating PK over same columns
13534 - Remove use of "assert" in favor of "SQDR_ASSERT"
13535 - Always return connections to the pool
13536 - Use same code for guid_t in manager as in service
13543 - Use AutoLock for SubscriptionManager & FastLock for RCB
13544 - Wait six minutes before retrying autoSnapShot if last run of group failed
13545 - Relocate create of unique constraints in Apply to avoid premature "commit"
13547 - Provide a default wait time for acquire time for subscriptions
13548 - Avoid runtime error due to race condition when adding new IR group with baselines
13549 - Rework acknowledgement processing management
V4.60.1103 Nov 2015 13456 - Installer: updates to SQDR ODBC Driver installer package
13465 - Modify TargetChecker to bypass deleted rows in destination
13466 - Modify "delete" semantics to exclude rows that are to be "retained" if treating delete as Update
13472 - Incorporate additional Bundled Drivers
13479 - Installer: update to IS2015 and use new SHA-256 code-signing certificate
13480 - Option to downgrade nullability of primary key columns in null-valued not allowed
13403 - Extend support for checkpoint restart for SQL Server I/R subscriptions
13464 - Do not create destination indexes/keys when "Use Existing" is selected
13505 - Remove special "unique constraint" error handling in Apply
13509 - Ensure autocommit is off for pooled connections
13510 - Update last call time to GetChanges every time it is called
13514 - Eliminate redundant IR Index if index uses multiple columns
13515 - Avoid starting IR subscription run upon save
V4.59.0918 Sep 2015 13458 - I/R Group activities can cause premature exit of Apply function
V4.58.0915 Sep 2015 12453 - Handle expired DataDirect license
13446 - "Source Lookup Error" when subscribing table w/mixed case name using dest option "Use existing table..."
13448 - Enhance connection string touch-ups for Informix, Oracle & SQDR bundled drivers
13449 - Improve default settings
V4.57.0909 Sep 2015 13343 - Installer: enforce use of setup.exe
13369 - Manager: "Invalid Database Type" error creating a New destintion within Sub wizard
13397 - Installer: restrict installation to Win2008R2/Win7 and later
13401 - Modify DB2 LUW Control table queries
13402 - Differentiate Data Direct and native Oracle drivers
13406 - provide suitable default for @JED('user') for baseline
13407 - Ensure destination name for IR indexes (and primary keys) meets length limitations
13415 - Invalid dbtype for staging srcdest row
13416 - Implement support for "DD" license
13418 - Invalid string or buffer length when column is varchar(max)
13420 - Invalid DbmsType error when changing source/destination
13421 - Implement a default for the @MBR macro when running baseline
13427 - Only disable multirow fetch option if Native Oracle Driver
13428 - Generate unique name if source column is "ROWID" and destination is Oracle
13429 - Display subscription names in error dialog when saving multiple subscriptions
13430 - Handle Data Direct Oracle use of NUMBER in SQLGetTypeInfo
13431 - Create new installer for StarQuest-branded DataDirect ODBC drivers
13432 - 64-bit Installer: silent install of StarQuest-branded DataDirect ODBC drivers
13434 - IR Sub containing LOB data to Oracle using DataDirect
13445 - Provide option to suppress use of Wide types on destination
V4.56.0724 Jul 2015 13387 - Treat Delete as Update option
13395 - Invalid cursor state using iSeries Access to Obtain Table Index Information
13396 - Bracket create primary index with explicit commit & rollbacks
V4.55.0720 Jul 2015 13371 - Problems with Unique Constraint Creation if touch-up rows exist
13376 - Automatic snapshots do not always run automatically
13391 - Commit if in open window and using unique constraints - to avoid locks
V4.54.0717 Jul 2015 13366 - Extend @JED macro to permit specific fields to be extracted
13367 - Provide macros for "Load Time" and "Server"
13370 - Email notifications
13379 - @JED('enttype') should provide a default value of 'RR" when baselined
13386 - @lt macro - Load Time or "Insert" time
13388 - transient odbc error when displaying group with UDB Control DB
V4.53.0623 Jun 2015 13354 - Primary Key not created always created for I/R subscriptions using SQL Server
13355 - Provide option to exclude deprecated ODBC types in subscription column mapping
13356 - Provide option to map decimal (or numeric) (p,0) to binary equivalent (int, bigint)
13358 - Do not promote CHAR(1) to VARCHAR(1)
13359 - SQL_VARCHAR is valid mapping option for SQL_TIME;DATE & TIMESTAMP
V4.52.0606 Jun 2015 13318 - Enhancements to @ts/@TS macro (for Oracle source)
13319 - Support change data indicator vector
13338 - Apply: quick release on ControlDB connection if change notification is disabled
V4.51.0521 May 2015 13209 - Provide opportunity to change RRN destination characteristics when auto-generated
13320 - odd value for dbms type in srcdest for IBM DB2 ODBC driver
13322 - Creating destination: Default Object schema is blank if password not correct on first try
13327 - Improve error handling if LOB change data processing fails
13329 - 64-bit Installer: Cannot run vbs
13330 - Syntax for TIMESTAMPDIFF in ir_subscription & ir_group stats for db2luw
13331 - Incremental license checkout enhancmenet
V4.50.0428 Apr 2015 New internal architecture
64-bit server
8502 - Support other DBMS as ControlDB
12430 - Baseline to Oracle when useUnicodeIntermediates and multiRowFetch enabled
12571 - Incorporate new PoolManager
12704 - Line in statistics repeated twice, if there's an error
12756 - Permit sqdrconf to run even if user is not member of sysadmin
12787 - SQL Server Change Data Capture may produce row count errors that should be ignored
12799 - Odd statistics for BCP vs ODBC target
12823 - MSI installer: changes for SQDR 4.50
12833 - Separate Replication and Subscription-Wizard service options
12851 - Create Oracle SQL_CHAR and SQL_VARCHAR types using (n CHAR) syntax
12882 - AS/400 (StarSQL) -> Oracle: BIGINT causes no data to be replicated
12893 - Provide alternative to retrieving Change Data
12897 - Build SQDR with VS2013
12908 - Installer: changes to support other DBMS (DB2 LUW) as ControlDB
12910 - Implement IR support for LOB (requires SQDR Plus 4.25 or later)
12991 - Modify Unbound LONG Oracle restriction
12993 - Installer: create services as Automatic-Delayed; Add recovery options
13015 - Do not require destination to include key columns if Archive
13018 - Licensing: Checkout *+ if S+ not available
13024 - Permit specification of ControlDB using a connection string
13032 - Implement support for SQDR+ 4.5 (Oracle I/R)
13097 - Support criteria with iSeries source tables journaled with *AFTER
13244 - Provide IR subscription option to NOT apply change data to destination table
13245 - Provide mechanism to "push" change data capture details
13246 - Expose new destination replication option - Null Synchronization (DDL-Only)
13254 - Add Global Service property on "logging tab" to govern retention of ir_key log data
13271 - Implement character precision inflation subscription options
13278 - Provide additional macro options in subscription wizard
13285 - Provide derived column import on subscription wizard
13287 - Enhance import functionality
13289 - Manager: handle attempt to import non-existent tables
13302 - Import scripting enhancements for subscription wizard

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