SQDR Plus for iSeries Release Notes

StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries v3.75 Release Notes

Februrary 2012


StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR) is a replication software product that allows you to copy data between IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server database environments.

The base StarQuest Data Replicator software runs on Windows and provides full refresh replication, which copies all the source data that you specify for replication, regardless of when that data was last replicated. This provides a “snapshot” of the specified source data at the time of replication.

SQDR Plus for iSeries is a separately licensed component that provides incremental replication support for SQDR users. Incremental replications copy only the data that has changed, reducing the amount of data that is transferred and allowing the replication to occur more frequently.

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to the appropriate SQDR Plus Quick Start Guide at http://www.starquest.com/Supportdocs/browseQuickStarts.shtml for detailed information about installing StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries for the first time. The SQDR Plus Quick Start Guides include instructions for installing both SQDR and SQDR Plus. Refer to the SQDR Plus for iSeries Users Guide for detailed information about using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries software.

  • What's New in this Release
  • Upgrade Considerations
  • System Requirements
  • FixPak and PTF Notes
  • Installing and Using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries Software
  • Known Issues
  • Release History
  • Contacting StarQuest


The base StarQuest Data Replicator software (for Windows) contains its own readme file and online documentation; refer to those documents for information about the SQDR base software.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries introduces the following new features and improvements.

  • Configurable inactivity timer: The default behavior of SQDR Plus is to check for inactive clients every twenty four hours (1440 minutes). You can change this interval by setting the clientMonitoringInterval in sqagent.properties; the value is specified in minutes.
  • Support for XML and DECFLOAT datatypes
  • Configurable congestion thresholds: Two new configuration properties, specified in minutes, can be configured in sqagent.properties: congestedThreshold (default 5 minutes) and uncongestedThreshold (default 1 minute). A journal reader inside the capture agent is considered "congested" when the lag-time between when the log records were created and when they are processed by the reader exceeds the value configured for "congestedThreshold". The journal is considered uncongested when this lag-time reaches the value configured for "uncongestedThreshold". Both events are logged as INFO, and may result in email notifications. When the capture agent is started, the congestedThreshold configuration setting is used as a grace period during which a congested condition is not reported; the grace period does not affect the collection of lag-time statistics.

Upgrade Considerations

This section describes issues of interest for users who are upgrading from a prior version of StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries.

  • If you are upgrading from a prior release of SQDR Plus for iSeries, be sure to review Updating the SQDR Plus Software on page 23 of the SQDR Plus for iSeries Users Guide before you install the new version of the software.
  • You must connect to the AS/400 with the same user ID that you used during the original installation. If you attempt to run the upgrade with a different userID, the installer will display a dialog showing the correct user ID and ask you to restart the installation.

System Requirements

You can install and run the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries on computers with the following operating systems.

  • OS/400 v5r3, v5r4, i5/OS v6r1, and i 7.1.
  • recent cumulative PTF package
  • recent DB2 Group PTF package (SF99503, SF99504, SF99601, SF99701)
  • Refer to the appropriate SQDR Plus Quick Start Guide at http://www.starquest.com/Supportdocs/browseQuickStarts.shtml for additional PTF information
  • Qshell (5722SS1 option 30 for v5rX, 5761SS1 option 30 for v6r1, 5770SS1 option 30 for 7.1)
  • for v5rX: Java Developer Kit v1.4 (5722JV1 option 6)
  • or for v6r1: any JVM 1.4 or later (Classic or IBM Technology for Java):
    5761JV1 option 6 Java Developer Kit 1.4
    5761JV1 option 7 Java Developer Kit 5.0
    5761JV1 option 8 J2SE 5.0 32 bit
    5761JV1 option 9 J2SE 5.0 64 bit
    5761JV1 option 10 Java Developer Kit 6
    5761JV1 option 11 Java SE 6 32 bit
    5761JV1 option 12 Java SE 6 64 bit
  • or for 7.1: any JVM 1.4 or later:
    5770JV1 8 J2SE 5.0 32 bit
    5770JV1 9 J2SE 5.0 64 bit
    5770JV1 11 Java SE 6 32 bit
    5770JV1 12 Java SE 6 64 bit
    5770JV1 13 J2SE 1.4 64 bit
  • recent Java Group PTF package (SF99269, SF99291, SF99562, SF99572)

FixPak and PTF Notes

Refer to the SQDR Plus Quick Start Guides at http://www.starquest.com/Supportdocs/browseQuickStarts.shtml for specific IBM issues and the FixPak and PTFs that may be necessary for StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries to function properly.

CCSID values:

Both the installing user and the Capture Agent user must be configured for a CCSID (Coded character set identifier) other than the AS/400 default of 65535 (*HEX).

The default behavior of the installer is to create the Capture Agent user with a CCSID of the system catalog (typically 37on US English systems). During installation, this value can be changed to any valid CCSID or to *SYSVAL (use the system value QCCSID).

During installation, the CCSID of the installation job is changed to the same value as the Capture Agent user. If you wish to use a different CCSID during installation, this value can be changed to any valid CCSID or to *SYSVAL.

To examine what CCSID value is normally used by the installing user, use WRKUSRPRF <user> and scroll to the last page. If "Coded character set identifier" is set to *SYSVAL, then check the system value with DSPSYSVAL QCCSID.

Java versions:

If you have multiple Java versions installed, make sure that the correct version is being used - Java version 1.4 or later is required for correct operation. The default JDK version is typically the latest version present.

To verify the version of Java being used, log in as the installing user and type "java -version" at a QSH or PASE command prompt or "QSH CMD('java -version')" at a CL prompt.

On v5r3 and v5r4, If the result shows that your active JDK version is earlier than 1.4, you should specify the Java version (for the Classic JVM) by setting java.version=1.4 in

/QIBM/UserData/Java400/SystemDefault.properties (system-wide)


/home/<user>/SystemDefault.properties (user-specific).

If the command results in the error "qsh: 001-0019 Error found searching for command java. No such path or directory." then there may be a problem with the PATH or with the symbolic link /usr/bin/java. If you get this error, refer to the IBM technote 86256E3D008188C0 QSHELL 001-0019 No Such Path or Directory.

System Values:

To ensure a complete installation of the SQDR Plus product, be sure that the system value QALWOBJRST is set to *ALL. If the value on your system is something else, set it temporarily to *ALL while running the installation and then restore the original value.

Installing and Using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries Software

Known Issues

  • When installing from a Windows system, the installer files should be copied or extracted to a temporary directory on the system drive (e.g. C:\). If you run the installation from a drive other than the system drive, you may see the following error message at the end of the installation. This error is harmless and can be ignored:

(The system cannot find the path specified)]

  • SQDR Plus for iSeries does not support the incremental replication of partitioned tables.
  • Use JRE 1.4, 1.5, or 1.6 on the installing system; running the installation with JRE 1.7 results in the error message "The wizard cannot continue because of the following error: could not load wizard specified in /wizard.inf"

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for iSeries software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
3.75.0222 Feb 2012 11935 iSeries installer: problems in Spanish environment (CCSID 284)
11941 Return timestamp of end call to GetChanges, not start of call
3.74.0103 Jan 2012 11860 iSeries installer: change ownership of CALOGMGMT before running AgentUtil -i
11861 iSeries installer: call CaptureAgent install during updates
11862 iSeries installer: add timestamp info to logs
11899 Issue staging Traditional Chinese into certain fixed length columns
11900 System TCP/IP settings can cause problem restarting replication worker
3.73.0922 Sep 2011 11785 Create index on SQ_SUBFFD by WHLIB, WHFILE
11801 Externalize congestion Delay threshold. Implement minimum reset property
11809 TABLEINFO does not return "ALL" Indexes if "Unique-only" is also requested
11817 Modify SQ_SUBFFD file parameters to re-use Deleted Rows & larger extents
11823 Limit email notication of data errors
11824 File Drop can result in incorrect table being flagged
3.72.0831 Aug 2011 11469 Message for deletion of non-existent subscriber should be Informational, not Severe
11717 Provide for configurable client activity monitor interval/inactivity timer resolution in minutes
11719 provide backlog information in terms of time not transaction
11720 Permit VRYSUB to suceed even if Capture is not running
11743 Support for XML and DECFLOAT
11770 NotificationMonitor causes Java heap error when DB2 is quiesced
11771 DSPFFD cannot be run using QCMDEXC if there is a share lock on the file/table
11784 Capture sleeps prematurely when large (>300 subscriptions) and receiver "clogged"
11798 Avoid SEVERE messages while waiting for DBMS to become available
3.71.0609 Jun 2011 11713 Improve formatting of troubleshooting log message.
11714 Improve handling of short date formats
3.70.0405 Apr 2011 11644 Skip processing terminating with empty reply raises Assert in Apply
11664 GetChanges should not report Capture as unavailable if status is "stopped"
3.69.0314 Apr 2011 11343 Modify GETCHANGEn to perform acknowledgement independ of Capture Agent
11467 "CCSID 13488 not valid" error (DBCLOB)
11493 iSeries: Provide FilterUserId property to bypass staging transactions for specific USER
11562 Null Pointer Exception raised, when Client notifies Agent of subscriber pausing
11622 Add user profile/job name to logged messages for Alter; Drop
11628 Force synchronization of readers current postion when Quiesce operation concludes
11651 TableInfo returning RENAME column names for V6R1
3.68.0923 Sep 2010 9556 iSeries Installer: read values from sqagent.properties during an upgrade
11088 CAMAINT: Option 8 - Publish menu - add "press enter to continue"
11151 Publish: confusing error when trying to publish table that is already published
11153 Remote CAMAINT annotates ftp upload using workstation name - not SQDR Plus hostname
11297 CAMAINT: Need "display" offline subscription
11362 Incorporate timestamps for last state transitions and provide display of same (partial)
11363 Misleading error returned when subscription is OFFLINE
11371 Provide log message when target is taken offline/online
11372 log when a source table is published/unpublished
11381 Enhance RESETTABPOS2
11391 Provide Notification when Congestion detected
11396 Reject RESETTABPOS if Subscription is not current of Target
11397 COPYDONE not returning non-zero return code/error text under some failure conditions
11398 Provide option to use RESETTABPOS2(option=0x01) "restarting"
11399 Avoid [SEVERE] message if a client calls GetChanges SP before the capture agent is fully started
11400 Preserve alwaysUseRowId property setting in sqagent.properties during "express" update
11407 return host timestamp in ErrorText /Changes2 & Changes3 SP
11410 iSeries installer: disable Next button for additional error situations
11417 Reduce connection pool contention and avoid delays in returning connections
11427 Provide message choke/reset for email notifications
11429 Delete subscription not subscriber when grace period exceeded
11431 Monitor table space for near capacity warning/backpressure on reader
11436 Implement support for iSeries "Block Insert"
11437 Implement workaround for iSeries "long-name" performance issue
11443 Taking Published subscription Offline/Online disables pruning
11446 Use of stale metadata can cause incorrect data in SQ_TARGETS table
11458 Streamline GETCHANGES to use one algorithm for composing result sets
11462 Avoid stored procedure premature exit condition
11464 Notification Monitor can exit prematurely (disabling UDP notifications)
3.66.0608 Jul 2010 11329 Decouple delete target from delete subscription
11330 parameterize pruning operation to detect maxRows/maxTransactions to limit UOW
11331 Detect and cleanup orphaned "target" rows periodically
11332 Create CHANGES3 executable in iSeries SQDR distribution
11333 register GETCHANGE3 for iSeries product
11336 Flag, then delete inactive subscribers subscriptions
11348 Reduce retry frequency when DB2 is unavailable
11356 Log errors caused by bad criteria as INFO (or less), not SEVERE
11357 Subscription can be left not collecting changes after DB2 failure
11390 GetChanges exits Phase I prematurely - leaving orphan result set
11395 Honor maximum row count and transaction count parameters
3.65.0506 May 2010 11247 Notify clients upon startup
11252 Support "Ignore Delete" captureOptions
11293 Create iSeries control table columns with explicit CCSID setting
3.64.0405 Apr 2010 11216 Capture after table altered operation
3.63.0318 Mar 2010 11064 don't register an exit program if managedLogs=false & AutoJournal=false
11156 GetChanges and rowCount
11168 Re=subscription of an auto-journaled table may result in the client receving an incorrect indication of a table altered event
11169 Changes to auto-journal names and CALOGMGT
3.62.0302 Mar 2010 11005 iSeries Installer: Cancel button on sign on screen not working
11103 iSeries installer: PTF checks should check for both temp & perm apply
11104 Add "quiesce" shutdown option to CAMAINT capture agent control
11105 Modify GetChanges *INFO to "*FINE", "FINER"->"FINEST"
11108 TABLEINFO returning COLUMN name as CLOB
11114 register the QCMDEXC Stored Procedure
11115 iSeries installer: Modifications to creation of user profiles
11116 Investigate SQL Syntax error message
11117 Invalid command parameter for release level when sending SQDR save file
11118 Use single operation to attempt grant SQDR privileges when publishing
11120 Publish invalid journal option is a warning - not severe
11130 TABLEINFO should close cursors if SQL error condition detected prior to return
11131 Capture does not log "FINEST" messages from CHANGES2
11138 CaptureAgent install should suceed without dependency on network configuration
11143 Use CL program for save of controlDB
11144 Installer: cursor focus should start on the first field of a dialog
11145 Table list in IR sub wizard is not ordered properly
11147 SQDRPlus does not detect when journaling is ended for a table/file
3.61.0208 Feb 2010 11092 Constrain Select from SYSTABLE "FOR FETCH ONLY"
11107 Incorrect error handling can lead to row count errors
11096 Installer: Tab order on installer dialogs is not correct
11093 iSeries Installer: changes for QSH detection
3.60.1320 Jan 2010 10831 Implement "MoveSubscription" SP
9685 Support customer support product error email notification
10961 Installer: Support customer support product error email notification
10733 Support subscribing to tables with *AFTER journaling option-only allow RRN
9894 Restrict view of tables available to replicate with I/R if restrictPublish is enabled
10686 Modify OS400 version of CHANGES to accept maxRow & maxTrans IN parameter
10837 Use case insensitive selection on sq_properties
10735 Review reset of TOTAL for RecordsProcessed
10836 Connectivity check slows down startup
10840 Define monitors for lagtime conditions
10842 Support dynamic maxROW setting - add counters to transaction table
10909 Failure to delete subscription should be considered a WARNING not SEVERE
10864 Publish appears to require SQDR user to have *OBJMGT authority
10910 Exception in AddSubscriber not trapped, not logged
10936 ack only should not display maxrow/maxtrans
9895 Do not allow publish of SQDR Plus control tables
10642 display startup information in capture log before accessing sqagent.properties
10863 emphasize case sensitivity when publishing files
10704 CAMAINT: Highlight subscription status if associated "target" is no longer "current"
11031 Provide Option for CAMAINT to save zip file locally
11032 Remote CAMAINT: Publish doesn't detect table when full name used
10889 Use DSPFFD OS400 command to collect DDL of SQDR CT, CV etc.
10834 Capture Agent job should not default to run as CCSID 37
10906 Use of /home/sqdr even though customer specified /sqdr
10912 Insure reference to PGM "CA" in CA_START [_I] Job descriptions is qualified
10946 specify optimized rowcount as MaxRows - not actual Rows
10876 Downgrade CPF9803 error while processing Reciver to WARNING
10952 CPF7054 error should be handled like CPF9801, and flag baseline required
10953 Flag all occurances when Capture requires new baselines
9604 Installer: remove /home/<install-user>/sqagent.properties symlink
9605 Gray out the Next button on warning dialog if the installing user does not have QSECOFR authority
10819 iSeries Installer: add more info to error dialog for system catalogs missing condition
10874 Rework setting of CCSID for SQDR/SQDRADM to use system catalog CCSID
10908 Capture requires CRTPF authority
10739 Provide programmatic mechanism to render "target(s)" offline/online on source system
11014 Provide Capture startup option to support "Fail-over"/"Fall-back" scenarios
11035 Provide mechanism for dynamically creating ASP-dependent journal libraries
11022 Extend AutoJournalling support
10959 Add installation parameter to allow *AFTER only subscriptions
10964 Include StarAdmin in SQDR Plus/iSeries zip file and use StarAdmin's JRE for SQDR+ install
11033 iSeries Installer: avoid DOS window
11037 iSeries Installer: autojournaling changes
11048 iSeries installer: write deleteLogsWithoutSave to sqagent.properties
11076 Provide command to invoke offline/online operations
11062 Accumulate number of staged rows in SQ_STATISTICS
11063 Reject resetTablePosition SP call if table is offline
11067 Recovery menu options
3.45.0917 Sept 2009 10847 Modify TABLEINFO to not return UNIQUE indexes if alwaysUseRowId=true
10907 iSeries: TABLEINFO should return SYSCOLUMN column names
3.45.0602 Jun 2009 10709 Prevent buffer overrun of Error Message Text Output Parameter
10710 Reorder names of GetChanges SP cursors to correspond to creation sequence
10722 Changes not explicitly setting logINFO for skip requests w/out acknowledgements
10720 Deadlock on delete group/subscriber
10717 iSeries installer: change ownership of only SQDR journal receivers
10714 iSeries Installer: disable Next button if Capture Agent or CAMAINT is in use
3.44.0507 May 2009 10671 Enhance Publish to support lenient mode of operation
10673 Modify TGTRLS of Support function in CAMAINT
10677 Failures in Journal reader when using mis-matched metadata
10678 Contention/Error during subscription/deletion can cause getChanges error
10679 permit specification of maxTrans value in sq_properties to control GetChanges
10680 Rare condition causes leftover staging tables
10689 Replace traceback text with meaningful error message
10379 detect & react to changes affecting journaling of subs on active Capture Agent
10695 SQDRPlus/iSeries - Typo in error message (CHANGES)
10694 Grant privileges prior to the "flush" operation when adding subscription
10697 React to D DT = "Delete File" Journal Entry alternative
10700 Enforce null termination of Agent Parameter in call to CHANGES (V6R1)
10701 Log Dynamic SQL at logLevel=FINE
10703 Capture Loops after subscribed tables are dropped
10649 Installer rejecting valid library names
10632 Installer: display of expected destination when using Express Update path
10682 SQDR Plus iSeries: convert readme to HTML
10693 iSeries installer: remove <installing-user>\capture_agent0.log before creating control tables
3.43.0319 Mar 2009 9933 Improve rollback performance
10622 flag subscription if RSTOBJ journal entry encountered
10623 clear all rows signal to SQDR, if journal entry associated with RMVM (remove member) is encountered
10631 Use 20 digit sequence number instead of 4 byte version to sync journal @ startup
3.42.0211 Feb 2009 10560 issue GRTOBJAUT on VIEW created for LOB data to match underlying Physical File
10589 Error when retrieving INTEGER using getShort method
3.41.0802 Aug 2008 10406 length of exception data must be based upon bytes_Available less standard feedback
10408 Add message description to exception data returned by JrnlReader
10434 Job Number contains trailing garbage character
10443 Log summary result set returned by GetChanges
10407 update default password for sqdrdrop to latest value
10410 change CAMAINT to persist ftp, mail address for "support" functions
10448 provide mechanism to delivery "zip" logs etc to new client application
10452 Installer: create installer for remote CAMAINT
3.40.0529 May 2008 repackage of 3.40.0410
10402 test for buffer sufficiency when retrieving information re. Journal Properties
10403 check bytesAvailable when making system API code for error feedback
10404 Increase max_retry to 10 from 2 and initial guess to 10K from 5K for JournalInfo
10405 Pass error structure when calling QjoRtvJrnReceiverInformation
3.40.0410 Apr 2008 10174 DNS/TCP checking code should not throw SEVERE message unless the issue prevents connectivity.
10306 Detect incorrect journal settings
10329 i5/OS v6r1: Ignore "F CB" after row deletes
10170 send email notification to starquest if "support" files are posted
10245 Detect invalid logging options for files when adding a subscription
10358 issue w/IR subs if daylight savings time is not set correctly
10366 Treat Duplicate Subscription as warning not error
10372 CHANGES & HEALTHCHK: use internet address of local host without name lookup
10234 Installer: verify existence of SQL Catalog tables when installing
10263 Installer: misleading error msg after changing email notification checkbox
10297 Installer changes for i5/OS v6r1
9947 Installer: check that exec-user has access to its home directory
10376 Split CADLTRCV into two programs with different ownership
10377 Installer: Change ownership of CADLTRCV1, grant *EXECUTE authority
10378 flag subscription as altered if journal option is not acceptable
3.37.1212 Dec 2007 repackage of 3.37 with new JRNLREADER
10306 Detect incorrect journal settings
3.37.1030 Oct 2007 10221 Return error on TableInfo call if Catalog Tables not found
10258 Data type mismatch error on getShort
10204 dump journal/receiver sequence number information when unexpected log records
3.36.0731 Jul 2007 9670 need option to FTP/email relevant product files to customer support
10100 Remove "unnecessary" dependency on local TCP/DNS configuration
10108 Display the job CCSID when starting the capture agent
10110 Provide a more robust verification of the local communication channel
10111 Unknown log format causing tables to be flagged
3.35.0402 Apr 2007 10005 support SP access to log via RMI
10018 provide status of subscriber/subscription acknowledgment via AgentUtil
3.34.0206 Feb 2006 9986 Allow add and override of primary keys
AgentUtil: add StarSQL for Java to JDBC driver search
3.33.0117 Jan 2006 9558 TableInfo specifies "with hold" incorrectly for result sets
9955 Use return statement in favor of exit in TABLEINFO SP
9968 TABLEINFO incorrectly identifies Primary Keys
3.32.1229 Dec 2005 9768 DB2/400 reporting Cursor not open error while SQDR polls for Changes
9950 Check name resolution of Capture Host when starting up Capture
9951 Quit after "n" attempts to create CAQ

Contacting StarQuest

If you need to contact technical support, please provide the following information to help the support engineers address your issue. You can contact StarQuest via phone, email, or facsimile as indicated at the bottom of this page.

Company Information Address
Contact Information First and Last Name of individual contact
Email Address
Host Type Hardware and Operating System (i.e., AS/400 V5R4)
Network Protocol/Gateways Protocol and/or Gateways used (i.e., TCP/IP, HIS 2000)
Client Type Client Type and Operating System (i.e., Windows 2008 SP2)
StarQuest Product,
Version, and Source
Which StarQuest product and what version is installed (i.e., StarSQL for Windows v6.11.07.20)
Where you obtained the software (i.e., direct from StarQuest, name of specific reseller)
Problem Information Provide as much detail as possible, including information about any application that is using the StarQuest product when the problem occurs and the exact error message that appears.

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