StarQuest Data Replicator Plus v5.07 Release Notes

March 2019


StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR) is a replication software product that allows you to copy data between IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server database environments.

The base StarQuest Data Replicator software runs on Windows and provides full refresh replication, which copies all the source data that you specify for replication, regardless of when that data was last replicated. This provides a “snapshot” of the specified source data at the time of replication.

SQDR Plus is a separately licensed component that provides incremental replication support for SQDR users. Incremental replications copy only the data that has changed, reducing the amount of data that is transferred and allowing the replication to occur more frequently.

SQDR Plus also provides the following advanced features:

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to SQDR Plus Quick Start Guide for detailed information about installing StarQuest Data Replicator Plus for the first time. The SQDR Plus Quick Start Guides include instructions for installing both SQDR and SQDR Plus. Refer to the SQDR Control Center (SQDR Manager) Online Help for detailed information about using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus software.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus introduces the following new features and improvements:

Upgrade Considerations

Users who are upgrading from a StarQuest Data Replicator Plus earlier than v5.06 must update host components on any DB2 for i source system. Using SQDR Control Center, select and stop each agent and select Update Host Components from the Database menu; you will be prompted for a user (e.g. QSECOFR) and password that has sufficient authority to update the source system.

If you are currently using DB2 LUW 10.1 for the local staging database, you must upgrade to DB2 LUW 10.5 before creating any additional staging agents. You may continue to use existing agents with DB2 10.1, though we recommend updating to 10.5 or 11.1 at your earliest convenience.

The browser-based management tool for SQDR Plus has been renamed from SQDR Manager to SQDR Control Center, but existing documentation, URL's, etc may still use the original name SQDR Manager; these two names can be considered as interchangeable.

If you used SQDR Plus 4.70 or earlier to create publications to tables on a DB2 for LUW source database, those publications should be deleted and recreated.

Users who are upgrading from StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Classic (v3x) should contact StarQuest support for assistance.

System Requirements

You can install and run the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus on computers running the following software:

You can replicate data from the following source database systems:

IBM DB2 LUW 10.5 (bundled with SQDR Plus) is installed on the computer running SQDR Plus for use as a control database and temporary store; it can also be used as the control database for SQDR.

SQDR Plus requires Visual C++ 2017 runtimes on Windows. The SQDR Plus installer will install the Microsoft-supplied Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable package if it is not already present on the system. The Microsoft Redistributable package will remain on the system if SQDR Plus is upgraded or uninstalled.

SQDR Plus is managed using a browser and SQDR Control Center. The following browsers are supported:

FixPak and PTF Notes

This section describes specific IBM issues and the FixPak and PTFs that may be necessary for StarQuest Data Replicator Plus to function properly.

Installing and Using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Software

Known Issues

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
5.07.0321 Mar 2019 14541 - Oracle: supplemental logging on ALTER
14542 - Oracle: Add support for LONG and LONG RAW
14543 - Oracle: handling of Inserts caused by ALTER TABLE SHRINK SPACE
14552 - Informix: DECIMAL data for columns containing floating point values (11.50)
14553 - Oracle: Adding a deleting publications can cause change data to be left in orphaned transactions
5.06.0221 Feb 2019 14530 - iSeries: adjust tagJournal method of service program
14531 - Convenience features in Control Center
14532 - Oracle: detection of ALTER/DROP/TRUNCATE issues
5.05.0212 Feb 2019 14416 - Installer: update to JTB 9.7
14513 - Installer: update to mysql binlog-connector 0.18.1
14521 - iSeries: Allow Archive subscriptions for tables with MINENTDTA(*FLDBDY)
14522 - Increase default size of diagnostics log
14524 - Installer: update to SQL Server JDBC 7.2
14515 - iSeries: Recovery when USRSPC object are locked by operating system
14516 - iSeries: Publishing or adding subscription: avoid long-running locks on source table
14526 - Allow subscriptions and groups to be deleted when an agent is disabled
5.04.0128 Jan 2019 14504 - Oracle - updating lob only on table w/no key or index and surpassing 4K boundary
14506 - Installer: update to JRE 1.8_202
14507 - Oracle - Better ROWID detection
14514 - iSeries: Stage invalid Decimal data as zero, rather than throwing exception.
5.03.1311 Jan 2019 14435 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_191
14438 - Informix: Staging error with VARCHAR(<=255) when content is longer than 127 characters
14443 - Return bitmap containg all columns that have staged data for an image
14451 - Installer: StarAdmin shortcut - adjust path to javaws
14452 - LUW: Detect ALTER TABLE <name> DROP COLUMN <name>
14457 - Informix: create sq_properties using lower case
14461 - Oracle: Deleting subscriptions while agent is congested can cause nullPointer exception in log entry processing
14473 - LUW: Implement compareChangeData for DB2 LUW
14495 - SQL Server Agent does not recover from socket write error
14496 - Rebuild of sq_mdcache at startup due to orphaned entries
14498 - Allow Specification of Network Compression for Oracle 12c JDBC connections
5.02.1018 Oct 2018 14421 - Informix: error reading logs
14422 - iSeries: improve substitution for bad date formats
14431 - Use MySQL JDBC 5.1.47 (revert 14306)
14432 - Update Db2 templates
14434 - Linux Installer: convert DB2 templates to 64-bit
5.01.0907 Sept 2018 14306 - Upgrade to MySQL JDBC 8.0.12
14351 - Installer: update to JRE 1.8_181
14358 - Windows installer: update to InstallShield 2018
14359 - Windows installer: update to VS2017 redistributables
14370 - Support for MySQL 8.0.x (side affect of using MySQL 5.1.47 & 8.0.12)
14373 - Control Center: connect to v3 Agent
14383 - Installer: Update to SQL Server JDBC 7.0
14385 - Publishing: checkbox to export script
14396 - Windows Installer: change system dynamic port range
14400 - Installer: increase JAVA_HEAP_SZ for DB2 11.1
14406 - Oracle: Look at agent configuration settings and table attributes(keys) when deciding what supplemental logging to apply
5.00.0710 July 2018 13904 - Installer: update Oracle JDBC driver to 12.2
14104 - Installer: update SQL Server JDBC to 6.4.0
14069 - Installer: update MySQL JDBC to 5.1.46
14293 - Installer: update JTB to 9.5
14285 - Installer: update to JRE 8_171
14305 - Installer: update mysql-binlog-connector to 0.16.1
14047 - Windows installer: adjust scheduled task for activating DB2 SQDRC for DB2 11.1 & cluster
14320 - Support Oracle Primary/Unique Index supplemental logging
14321 - When publishing from Oracle, checkbox to bypass grants with autoGrant
14322 - Provide Detail when table flagged as altered/deleted
14324 - Windows installer: remove StarSQL_SSL14.jar
4.98.0425 Apr 2018 14250 - support for @tz macro
14254 - provide agent option to disable "autoGrant" that provides means to disable use of unconditional Grant on user tables
14256 - SQL Server: allow creation of agent to a database with hyphen or other non-standard characters in name
14276 - SQL Server CDC: Improve performance when processing large backlog
14284 - Oracle: SQDRPlus stages fixed length character data without leading blanks
4.97.0228 Feb 2018 14200 - iSeries agent congestion message after encountering new receiver
14217 - Oracle Virtual Column cannot be staged by agent
14237 - MySQL: Handle date values read from binlog if in a timezone west of UTC
4.96.1327 Jan 2018 14151 - modify SQDR Plus to work with JRE 9
14176 - DB2 LUW 10.1 and later: Support staging of inline LOB source data
14177 - DB2 LUW: parsing log record for Timestamps with non-default fraction
14179 - Installer: remove db2detaildeadlock monitors from DB2 backup templates
14184 - connection timeout to LaunchAgent should not stop individual Capture Agents
14166 - Control Center Help not functional in Chrome v63
14190 - Installer: Update JRE to 1.8_161
14196 - iSeries: Agent parsing (and staging) of TIMESTAMP with scale other than 6
14198 - Oracle: handling of XMLType
14205 - new StarQuest mail server configuration
4.95.1114 Nov 2017 14122 - Stage before image for deleted rows
4.93.1101 Nov 2017 14102 - Add new subscription Option to allow the client to collect before images without passing a where clause
4.92.1023 Oct 2017 14049 - Oracle: issues with tables with geometry column, even if the column is not included in the replication
14086 - Missing SQ_SUBFFD prevents publications/subscriptions
14101 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_151
4.91.1002 Oct 2017 14066 - Installer: update to JTB 9.4
14067 - iSeries: avoid unexpected lock on sq_subffd
4.90.0912 Sep 2017 Support for incremental replication from MySQL
13908 - SQDR Plus Add Agent - START agent option disabled in some cases
13915 - MSI installer: changes to support MySQL
13916 - Build scripts: changes to support MySQL
13917 - Installer: update to JTB 9.3
13952 - Provide cold start->"online" ("Force New Baselines") Recovery option
13955 - Add "published tables" based default oracleFilter criteria
13959 - Improve startup time for agents with many Subscriptions
13975 - Improve visibility of Congested condition in agent.
13978 - iSeries - update t2_lagtime while processing large numbers of rows on agent startup
13979 - Support BOOLEAN datatype for DB2 LUW 11.1
13981 - Allow customization of agent name (for display in Naviation tree)
13982 - Handle Oracle Delete operation in same transaction as Insert (when delete is not logging all columns)
13985 - Control Center: display larger number of agents in Agent Overview Panel
13986 - iSeries lag time statistics when agent is in different timezone than source DB
13996 - Oracle: Improved handling of un-deletes
13999 - Oracle: handle incomplete update record
14011 - Installer: update to SQL Server JDBC driver 6.2.1
14012 - Installer: update Informix JDBC to 12.10xC9
14013 - Installer: update mysql-binlog-connector to 0.13.0
14020 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_144
14021 - Oracle: Dynamically restart logminer session when publications are added/removed and we are uisng the SQ_CATALOG join
14022 - Oracle: Don't default to use SQ_CATALOG join for pluggable databases.
14027 - Windows Installer: allow user to specify ProgramData location
14028 - Windows installer: allow selection of DB2 instance
14032 - Installer: update MySQL connector to 5.1.43
14038 - Oracle: Create indexes on staging tables to improve performance of UNDO operation staging.
14039 - Oracle: Agent not detecting undo-inserts (used to rollback deletes)
14040 - Oracle: Detect when Logminer returns incorrect transaction id for undo records.
14041 - Oracle: tuning of commit frequency
14042 - Oracle: add more statistics counters to help tuning/analysis
13931, 13932 - Support for Oracle geometry data type
14043 - Windows Installer: create db2 ACTIVATE DATABASE scheduled task
14045 - Reduce number of control database connections used by Agent
14056 - Oracle: improve Log Miner SQL parsing
4.82.0317 Mar 2017 13894 - Display log record timestamp in Control Center summary for DB2/LUW, Oracle and MS CDC agents
13895 - DB2 LUW: improve congestion detection
13896 - Oracle: Exclude more unused Logminer records to improve throughput under high load
4.81.0223 Feb 2017 13871 - Oracle alter/drop not flagged when changing column data type/size
13876 - Lagtime statistic incorrect for UDB
4.80.0120 Jan 2017 12554 - Support incremental replication from SQL Server using Change Data Capture
13411 - Add signature to Host Components - report level at startup
13598 - Installer: update SQL Server JDBC driver to 6.0
13780 - SQDR Plus installer: update to InstallShield 2016
13830 - Update VS2015u3 PRQ to latest version and fix registry condition
13833 - Program Filter ignores End of UOW Operation-leaving orphaned change rows
13835 - Installer: update Informix JDBC to 12.10xC8
13840 - Control Center: pending rows count when there are multiple subscriptions to a table
13841 - Allow selected text to be executed in control center query window.
13847 - Refine response to drop and alter events
13860 - Reduce ephemeral port usage impact
13865 - Installer: update to JRE 8_121
4.77.1118 Nov 2016 13723 - Build native binaries with vs2015 and update installer
13771 - Source DB Host Name not updated in SQ_AGENTS table when modified in Control Center Config
13773 - Control Center: Win2016: creating agent fails with "db2 command not found"
13774 - JRE pre-req: remove stopsqdrsvc.bat pre-req
13776 - Windows installer: set Manufacturer when installing services
13792 - minimizeChangeData option
13794 - Windows installer: rename libiconv-2.dll (StarAdmin/StarSQL 6.31)
13800 - Update JRE to 8_111
13801 - Baseline completion not detected due to earlier undetected failure of all active subscriptions
13805 - Oracle: Check that (minimal) supplemental logging is enabled before creating agent
13807 - Oracle: detect alter table when supplemental logging is turned off
13809 - DB2 LUW: enhancements to GRAPHIC data on
13813 - Control Center: editing disabled agent should not change state to Stopped
13814 - Oracle: Detect dropped subscribed table
13816 - DB2 LUW: Enable DATA CAPTURE only when not already enabled
13824 - Use of zero as sequence number causes "close window even" to be processed prematurely
13826 - Oracle, SQL Server & Informix: detect changes in transaction logging options on non-normal startup
4.76.1011 Oct 2016 13423 - Defer delete of staged rows associated with a ROLLBACK to pruner
13707 - Installer: update bundled JTOpen (JTB) driver to 9.1
13688 - Provide feedback in Control Center for in-flight activity
13695 - Agent stages UPDATE w/nulls from Oracle Source
13734 - UDB Altered/Reorg Table not detected
13743 - Make max number of tables in a manufactured iSeries "transaction" configurable
13744 - Automatically cleanup half-staged transactions left from abnormal restarts
13754 - Capture Agent should detect if SQL Server change tracking has been turned off
13757 - Provide additional filtering parameters "filterJobName" and "filterProgramName" (iSeries)
13759 - Log startup mode at Agent Start & Changes to Readers position
13761 - Provide visibility of version mismatch between Control Center and Agent
4.75.0822 Aug 2016 13695 - Agent stages UPDATE w/nulls from Oracle Source
13717 - Implement filterUserID for Oracle I/R Sources
13727 - Installer: update JRE to 1.8_101 from 1.8._091
4.74.0714 Jul 2016 13696 - iSeries: Rollbacks mixed with add/delete sub can cause incorrect journal entry filtering.
13697 - Rollback of large transaction (or SQL Server agent restart) can cause UDB log overflow
13699 - Manager: change pollSleepTime default for Oracle
13700 - LUW source: correct staged rows counter
13705 - iSeries: Commit and update reader position more often to reduce latency
4.73.0608 Jun 2016 12250 - Update JRE
13668 - SQL Server Agent/"inserter" threads - better handling of MSSQLSERVER_3961 error
13669 - Oracle: Continually update time offset between agent and database to more accurately reflect lagtime when system clocks drift
13675 - Agent uses an incorrect column index when processing 'update' following column drop
4.72.0421 Apr 2016 Improvements in Informix support
13634 - Improve trouble shooting for missing copy-done journal entries
13636 - Control Center: Allow update host components for disabled agent
13642 - Oracle: Include ignored log records in "T1 Log records" statistic
13643 - Oracle: Allow for customizable where clause
13644 - Oracle: Add tuning aids
13646 - Oracle: Improve Filtering of ignored Internal records
4.71.0205 Feb 2016 Improvements in Informix support
13576 - DB2 LUW templates: add GNV function
13600 - DB2 UDB LUW: Publish adds trailing blanks to schemas, causes staging issue
4.70.1231 Dec 2015 13398 - MSI Installer: restrict installation to Win2008R2/Win7 and later
13491 - MSI installer: changes to support Informix support
13495 - Implement incremental support from Informix
13528 - Control Center: import Publish list
13530 - CADLTRCV should not permit delete of receiver if journal receiver is empty
13533 - Agent disruption after baseline can cause data errors at destination when compareChange Data is used
13539 - Manager: Publications - checkbox to select grant/no grant
13550 - Unexpected binary data format (HEXTORAW)
13551 - Add help documentation for iSeries Agent startup mode "Set Journal Position"
13555 - Agent crashes on rollback of Oracle transaction
13557 - Allow "set startup mode" for disabled agent.
13558 - Only propagate changed columns for Oracle agents.
13559 - Don't change agent state from disabled to stopped when saving agent configuration
13560 - Add sorting to Publication panel
13564 - Timing issue in Oracle agent can affect metadata during record processing
4.63.1026 Oct 2015 13447 - Ignore "unusable" function based Oracle Unique indexes rather than fail
13490 - Installer: update to IS2015 and use new SHA-256 code-signing certificate
13507 - Using criteria and *AFTER journaling causes agent worker failure
4.62.0915 Sep 2015 13412 - Treat Window Close event as a single transaction and record in Capture log
13447 - Ignore "unusable" function based Oracle Unique indexes rather than fail
4.61.0909 Sep 2015 13399 - Allow incremental subscriptions of tables with explicit ROWID columns
13422 - Getting index information for Oracle causes slow ANALYZE
13436 - Implement workaround for Oracle getIndexInfo JDBC issue for table names with special characters
4.60.0715 Jul 2015 12394 - Support SSL connection from tier 2 to source (iSeries)
13168 - CADLTRCV: Typo in log message
13304 - Update GWT
13260 - email notification: need more info
13282 - Handle agent name changes
13337 - Batch failure due to data error should flag target table
13339 - Handle MINENTDTA(*FLDBDY) setting on iSeries Journal
13340 - Only Stage Changed columns by comparing before and after images
13350 - Windows installer: changes to support SSL to iSeries source
13351 - Allow Offline for iSeries workers/journals
13352 - Provide default for iSeries "wizard" of "QSECOFR" for installing user
13360 - Handle Oracle "COMPUTED" or "VIRTUAL" columns
13362 - Oracle Agent: if alwaysUseRowID=true, then do not return any unique index
13363 - AS400 agent uses incorrect buffer length for DECFLOAT
13364 - iSeries ROWID columns (not RRN) are staged incorrectly
13365 - Expose journal entry details as separate columns in CT
13375 - Allow changes to sourceDBName, control and source URLs
13377 - Autojournaling issues
13383 - handle timezone property (Oracle agent)
4.51.0526 May 2015 13328 - Reduce message level to INFO for command queue table and message queue failures
13331 - Manager: add SQL functionality
13335 - Ability to disable agent
13336 - Correction to restart logic
SQDR 4.51; StarSQL 6.21
4.50.0428 Apr 2015 12555 - Implement incremental support from Oracle sources
12887 - Installer: update bundled JTOpen (JTB) driver
13010 - MSI Installer: silent install of SQDR as a pre-req
13036 - MSI installer: create DB2 LUW database SQDRC and touch up DBM
13039 - MSI installer: NEWLOGPATH fails if there is an existing set of logs
13044 - Provide expanded support for I/R source (SQL Server and DB2 for i) using criteria
13045 - Insure UDP poll is emitted when staging a Close transaction
13140 - Manager: enable Delete Group option
13221 - Add links to StarQuest support portal from Control Center
13239 - Improve mail handling
13262 - Implement "local" PAUSED/RESUME window for Agent
13275 - Tripping Storage Warning should start Pruner regardless of maintenance window
13284 - Provide date conversion UDF for iSeries
13286 - Installer: update bundled JTOpen (JTB) driver to 8.5
13303 - Manager: individual reader status should ripple up to agent level
13307 - DB2 LUW templates: extended_row_sz ENABLE
13308 - DB2 LUW source: issue re:mutiple subs with and without criteria for same source table
4.27.1215 Dec 2014 12970 - MSI Installer: add batch files or shell scripts for common tasks - JPing, ij
12985 - MSI installer: incorporate StarAdmin
13001 - MSI installer: changes to support Oracle source
13014 - Improve error handling in MS SQL Server Change Tracking
4.26.1114 Nov 2014 12966 - Invalid rowcounts in SQ_TRANSACTIONS
4.25.1106 Nov 2014 12887 - Installer: update bundled JTOpen (JTB) driver
12911 - Support for LOB data (requires SQDR 4.15 or later)
12925 - MSI Installer: allow user to specify location of DB2 database files and logs
12929 - Linux Installer: allow user to specify location of DB2 database files and logs
12931 - Improve recovering the connection with the iSeries - esp for CAQ/CALOGQ
12932 - Exit Program CADLTRCV produces SQLSTATE 58008 after extended system up time
12935 - Inactive subs are not getting deleted in SQDRPlus, but sending emails to that effect 1/hr
12945 - Not processing VRYSUB ONLINE if arrives soon after OFFLINE issued
4.24.0820 Aug 2014 12802 - DB2 Java Exception related to GetChanges
12853 - Windows: Update DB2 templates to 10.5
12855 - Linux: Update DB2 templates to 10.5
4.23.0819 Aug 2014 12708 - Manager: export control database when collecting logs
12709 - Get additional information for Support
12733 - iSeries: Additional statistics for Tier 2 processing
12797 - iSeries: Handle R IL "Increment record limit" Journal Entry without throwing exception
12826 - SQL Server: Improved logging when failing to insert data to staging table
12847 - Include SQ_STATISTICS & db2diag output in support zip file
12864 - Exit program must protect remote journal receivers
12868 - Revised CADLTRCV for remote journal receivers
12874 - Improve handling of journal entry data errors
12886 - Add statistic "T1 Read Bytes"
12888 - Modify Receiver Deletion Exit Program Severity Levels
4.22.0314 Mar 2014 12716 - Online-Offline race with resettabpos
12717 - autojournal - authority for SQDR
12726 - Update defaults for Storage Monitor configuration properties
4.21.0221 Feb 2014 12666 - Arithmetic Overflow while processing statistics
12690 - improve rollback behavior
12700 - Syntax Error when using SQL Server source DB with ANSI Quoted Identifiers off
12701 - Capture stops working (SQL Server source)
12703 - Use FOR BIT DATA when creating SQ_BASELINES and SQ_CQUEUE
12706 - Failure to autojournal is reported as "Table not Journaled"
4.20.1327 Jan 2014 12459 - MSI installer: changes to support SQL Server source
12551 - Replace use of FTP service with iSeries Access File server
12553 - Support incremental replication from SQL Server using Change Tracking
12557 - MSI installer: updates to wrapper.conf
12544 - ResetTablePosition (continued) should produce error if not in suitable state
12564 - add #include wrapper-local.conf to wrapper.conf
12575 - Change data pending for > 32 tables, caused a severe error for agent - "statement not open"
12584 - Primary keys not ordered by column ordinal cause problems for SQLserver subs.
12585 - Error deleting/moving subscription if subscribed by multiple subscribers
12637 - No changes returned although backlog exists
12643 - Expand Summary to accomodate more than 20 components
4.13.1029 Oct 2013 12139 - Create UDB control database templates (iSeries and UDB source) for Linux
12348 - Text installer: Text installer: modifications to support LUW templates
12388 - make sure journals are created with MAXOPT3
12461 - After deleting agent, jetty retains a connection to UDB controlDB
12465 - MSI Installer: check that SQDR Manager ports are not in use by another application
12471 - MSI Installer: add shortcut to jetty wrapper log
12496 - Insure SQDR Plus created Journals have minimum sizing characteristics
12505 - Handle launch agent and the java processes running with the same sessionId as a logged in user
12506 - MSI installer: enforce use of setup.exe
12511 - Recognize journal entries associated with SQL "RENAME" operation
12512 - Improve interaction of table altered condition and maintenance windows
12514 - High Availablity Agent Failover with Load Balancing standby mode
12518 - User Space not reused as intended
12523 - Improve unclean shutdown detection and reaction
12527 - "Excessive" number of rollbacks provokes error message
12535 - Undo operation in committed transaction can cause worker failiure
12536 - "Alias lookup" can cause NOT_JOURNALED exception during table-altered processing.
4.12.0907 Sept 2013 11934 - Log Reader Support for DB2 LUW 10.1 & 10.5
12066 - Support UDB systems where AUTHENTICATION is SERVER_ENCRYPT
12415 - Maintain replication worker statistics over worker (not agent) restart
12416 - Limit number of tables in "manaufactured" transactions for non-transactional work
12417 - Use journal timestamp for most recent summary information (when available)
12419 - Implement point-in-time startup prompt to modify a "warm startup" position
12424 - Staged Rows statistic counter is incorrect (zero) if pruning has not run.
12425 - Log entry and returned values for the getChanges stored procedure
12427 - Improve performance of the java GETCHANGES stored procedure
12429 - Implement Multi-threaded Pruning for increased pruning performance
12438 - Explicitly close JDBC connections in multithreaded pruning
12439 - Log duration of transactions query in java getchanges
12441 - order by and opimize clauses in getChanges
12346 - Implement support for LUW 9.7 and Capture
12440 - Manager: LUW 10.5 - restore of controlDB returns unexpected return code
12445 - Statistics Changes
12447 - Create SQDRTEMPSPACE (32K pages) on upgrade
12449 - Don't return blank fixed length CHAR trimmed, since Oracle will treat this as NULL
12452 - Provide "maintenance window" parameter to be configured
12459 - UDB exit program: handle multiple agents on the same database
12478 - Permit publication of table journaled with *AFTER
12479 - Update UDB exit program for DB2 LUW 10.1 & 10.5
12483 - Change static IP adress of
12486 - Handle DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP fields that have no CCSID specified
12490 - Handle new error code SQL1273N
12491 - Provide automatic detection (and response) to DR Failover
12500 - Specific pattern of change data can cause replay of rows when skipping protocol is used.
4.11.0525 May 2013 12409 - Provide filters for Component and Statistic on Statistics Panel
12411 - Add more dynamic information to "Summary" panel
12412 - Delete records generated with only *AFTER journaling can cause error in staging
12413 - SQDRMgr: Warm Startup issue
12414 - Metadata caching affected autojournaling
4.10.0517 May 2013 12135 - Support change data acquisition from remote logs
12378 - Cache table metadata for quicker agent startup
12398 - Handle rollback exception
12406 - Handle unexpected non-SQL exceptions
12404 - Improve timestamp recorded in staging table
12405 - Add program name and journal timestamp to SQ47114711JED
12407 - Agent not monitoring CAQ after iSeries resumed from restricted state
4.03.0430 April 2013 12369 - Create/Validation of staging table should incorporate journal image type
4.02.0423 April 2013 12355 - Vrysub1 fails with SQLSTATE 24501
12372 - Obtain member information using priviledged User
12374 - Cannot add subscription for table using GRAPHIC(13488) data
12375 - User defined Journal Entries can cause null pointer exception in agent
12376 - avoid restarting worker when journal receiver is busy when switching receivers
4.01.0402 April 2013 12350 - MSI installer: verify that DB2 is installed
12353 - QRPLOBJ contains many old USRSPC objects
12356 - Rowcount error - rollback related
12357 - Constraint Violation
12366 - iSeries: Implement RESTART command support
12367 - Implement PAUSE command to cause Readers to end quickly
12368 - Cannot start agent from SQDRManager after STOPPED via CAQ command
4.00.1519 March 2013  

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