StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin v3.74 Release Notes

January 2012


StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR) is a replication software product that allows you to copy data between IBM DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server database environments.

SQDR Plus for iSeries and SQDR Plus for UDB are companion products that provide incremental replication support from IBM iSeries (AS/400) and DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX & Windows databases. SQDR Plus is installed on the host computer where the database resides, and is administered with a program called CAMAINT (Capture Agent Maintenance) that is installed as part of SQDR Plus.

This package allows you to install and run CAMAINT on a local workstation, communicating with SQDR Plus running on the host computer. In addition to the CAMAINT program itself (AgentUtil.jar), it contains a private copy of the StarSQL for Java type 4 JDBC driver which is used to provide connectivity to the host system.

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to the SQDR Plus for iSeries Users Guide or the SQDR Plus for DB2 UDB Users Guide for detailed information about using the Capture Agent Maintenance application.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin introduces the following new features and improvements:

Upgrade Considerations

This section describes issues of interest for users who are upgrading from a prior version of StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin:

System Requirements

The following are the requirements for installing and running the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin software:

FixPak and PTF Notes

This section describes specific IBM issues and the FixPak and PTFs that may be necessary for StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin to function properly.


Installing and Using the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin Software


for example:

set PORT=446

Advanced Setup:

To run the application, select CAMAINT from the Program Group. A command window will open up, and you will be prompted for the host password. Refer to the SQDR Plus for iSeries Users Guide or the SQDR Plus for DB2 UDB Users Guide for details on using CAMAINT.

Known Issues

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarQuest Data Replicator Plus Remote Admin software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
3.74.0103 Jan 2012 11719 provide backlog information in terms of time not transaction
11720 Permit VRYSUB to suceed even if Capture is not running
3.72.0831 Aug 2011 11719 Display timestamp of oldest transaction in subscriber list display
11720 allow offline/online requests to be posted while capture is stopped
3.69.0314 Mar 2011 11565 camaint.bat: improve Java lookup on 64-bit systems
update AgentUtil.jar
3.68.0923 Sep 2010 11088 CAMAINT: Option 8 - Publish menu - add "press enter to continue"
11151 Publish: confusing error when trying to publish table that is already published
11153 Remote CAMAINT annotates ftp upload using workstation name - not SQDR Plus hostname
11297 CAMAINT: Need "display" offline subscription
11335 Include "SQ_" control tables when sending logs using CAMAINT for UDB
11461 Validate UDB Java method signatures on SP creation
3.62.0302 Mar 2010 11104 Add "quiesce" shutdown option to CAMAINT capture agent control
11117 Invalid command parameter for release level when sending SQDR save file
11143 Use CL program for save of controlDB
3.60.1320 Jan 2010 10704 CAMAINT: Highlight subscription status if associated "target" is no longer "current"
11031 Provide Option for CAMAINT to save zip file locally
11032 Remote CAMAINT: Publish doesn't detect table when full name used
10920 CAMAINT installer: remove licensing components
10980 CAMAINT: look for a StarAdmin installed JVM
10994 CAMAINT installer: remove licensing info from camaint.bat
11050 CAMAINT.BAT should pass a package collection name of "SQDR"
11067 Recovery menu options
3.45.0917 Sept 2009 Update to StarSQL for Java 2.55
3.44.0504 May 2009 10673 Modify TGTRLS of Support function in CAMAINT
10681 CAMAINT Installer: readme in HTML; VS7 redistributables for starlic
3.43.0311 March 2009 10625 Remote Admin Installer: wrong product code

Contacting StarQuest

If you need to contact technical support, please provide the following information to help the support engineers address your issue. You can contact StarQuest via phone, email, or facsimile as indicated at the bottom of this page.

Company Information Address
Contact Information First and Last Name of individual contact
Email Address
Host Type Hardware and Operating System (i.e., AS/400 V5R4)
Network Protocol/Gateways Protocol and/or Gateways used (i.e., TCP/IP, HIS 2000)
Client Type Client Type and Operating System (i.e., Windows 2008 SP2)
StarQuest Product,
Version, and Source
Which StarQuest product and what version is installed (i.e., StarSQL for Windows v6.11.07.20)
Where you obtained the software (i.e., direct from StarQuest, name of specific reseller)
Problem Information Provide as much detail as possible, including information about any application that is using the StarQuest product when the problem occurs and the exact error message that appears.

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