StarLicense Server for UNIX v1.33 Release Notes

May 2011


StarLicense for UNIX is a license server for StarQuest products, including StarSQL. A client uses TCP/IP to connect to the server to obtain a product license. The client may be an application running on the local or another UNIX system, an application running on a Windows system, or a Java application running locally or remotely.

Setting up a StarLicense server allows centralized management of the licenses and allows an organization to take advantage of floating licensing available for client computers running StarQuest software.

The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. Refer to the Quick Start Guide to Using StarLicense for UNIX for detailed information about installing StarLicense Server for UNIX for the first time, and refer to the StarLicense Server for UNIX User's Guide for detailed information about using the StarLicense Server for UNIX software. Refer to StarLicense_doc_addendum.pdf for details about new features and documentation errata.

What's New in this Release

This release of the StarLicense Server for UNIX introduces the following new features and improvements:

Upgrade Considerations

This section describes issues of interest for users who are upgrading from a prior version of StarLicense Server for UNIX.

System Requirements

You can install and run the StarLicense Server for UNIX on computers with the following operating systems.

You also can run StarLicense on HP-UX Itanium if the calling application is a 32-bit PA-RISC binary, on a 64-bit Linux (x64) system if the calling application is a 32-bit binary, or on a 64-bit FreeBSD (x64) computer if the calling application is a 32-bit binary and you install the FreeBSD 32-bit runtime compatibility libraries.

Installing and Using the StarLicense Server for UNIX Software

Known Issues

Firewall Configuration

If access to your system is restricted by a firewall and you wish to access the StarLicense from remote computers, you will need to open up port 4999 (or whichever port you used when configuring a listener) on the firewall.

Refer to your UNIX vendor documentation for information on configuration information.

On Mac OS, the firewall can be configured by opening Sharing in System Preferences, and choose the Firewall pane. Select the "New" button, and configure as follows:

Port Name: Other
TCP/IP Port number(s): 4999
Description: StarLicense

Release History

This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as "point releases" and major releases of the StarLicense Server for UNIX software.

Version Number Release Date Significant Changes
v1.33.0510 May 2011 11495 Local license polling behavior when a license has expired or nodelock is changed
11497 Server: notify clients when a license is removed from the server
11498 Client: memory leak on failure to checkout a license from the server
v1.30.0725 Jul 2010 10222 Failover scenario fails silently if port 4997 is blocked
10934 Include in the journal log output the soft-license checkins due to timeout
10792 StarLicense/UNIX: starlic-admin displays unsupported client options
10955 Expand timestamp resolution to milliseconds
10956 Change timestamp format to conform to ISO standard
11327 starlic-admin: Inaccurate error message when using wrong type of key
11339 Expand single character codes to full words
11340 Unix missing timestamps
11341 UNIX implementation does not respect MASK
11342 Add subtype to journal/log to further elucidate reason for reclamation
11383 Journaling: record soft-license timeout (grace) value on "Service" entries
v1.21.1020 Oct 2009 10934 Include in the journal log output the soft-license checkins due to timeout
10957 Include "grace" period in journal output
v1.20.0817 Aug 2009 Enhanced documentation
v1.10.1210 Dec 2008 10498 UNIX starlic-admin: online licensing with SOAP web-service
10505 UNIX Configure: changes for ease of change
10506 starlic-admin: misc changes
10518 Port StarLicense to Mac OS
10519 UNIX starlic-admin: add new functions
v1.07.0428 Apr 2008 10298 Client: Revisit lookup order (starlic vs local and configured licenses)
8455 Zombie checkouts remain after client loses connectivity
10382 UNIX installer: create symlink in /usr/lib32 (FreeBSD x64)
10350 clarify UNIX client-server configuration

Contacting StarQuest

If you need to contact technical support, please provide the following information to help the support engineers address your issue. You can contact StarQuest via phone, email, or facsimile as indicated at the bottom of this page.

Company Information Address
Contact Information First and Last Name of individual contact
Email Address
Host Type Hardware and Operating System (i.e., AS/400 V5R4)
Network Protocol/Gateways Protocol and/or Gateways used (i.e., TCP/IP, HIS 2000)
Client Type Client Type and Operating System (i.e., Windows 2008 SP2)
StarQuest Product,
Version, and Source
Which StarQuest product and what version is installed (i.e., StarSQL for Windows v6.11.07.20)
Where you obtained the software (i.e., direct from StarQuest, name of specific reseller)
Problem Information Provide as much detail as possible, including information about any application that is using the StarQuest product when the problem occurs and the exact error message that appears.

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