StarQuest StarLicense Software

The StarLicense software provides a flexible solution for controlling the use of StarQuest connectivity products. The StarLicense software runs as a service that enables client computers to connect to databases, and allows database hosts to replicate data from one computer to another. To provide the maximum flexibility to meet customers' needs, the licensing of StarQuest products varies according to the product being licensed, as described in Product Licensing.

Licenses for StarQuest products can be configured for a particular computer, which is referred to as a client license, or a StarLicense server can be configured to manage licenses within a network. A StarLicense Manager utility allows you to configure and manage licenses for all StarQuest products on one or more StarLicense servers.

With a StarLicense server, a license is checked out when the user of a client computer or an application server needs to use the StarQuest product. You can configure more than one StarLicense server, with designations of Primary or Secondary, to provide failover service of the license management function should the primary server become unavailable.

The StarLicense software allows you to:

  • configure the software keycode for StarQuest products,
  • view information about licenses and checkout information,
  • revoke a license that has been checked out
  • log information about license use
  • start, stop, or restart the StarLicense service

Refer to System Requirements for detailed information about the hardware and software that StarLicense currently supports.