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Client Access for UNIX
Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: July 11, 2019
Product: Client Access For UNIX
Operating System: All
Article ID: SQV00CA002


The following FAQs are designed to answer common questions regarding Client Access for UNIX.

Usage Problems and Error Message FAQs


What do I need to run Client Access for UNIX OS? 

You must have TCP/IP connectivity between your UNIX workstation and one or more AS/400s in order to use Client Access for UNIX OS. 

Client Access for UNIX OS is available for the following OS environments: 

  • AS/400 - v3r1 or above
  • the following UNIX platforms: 
    • AIX 4.3.3 or later 
    • Solaris 7 or later  
    • HP 10.20 or later
    • Red Hat Linux 7.3 or above

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Do I need to install anything additional on the AS/400? 

No, the Client Access for UNIX OS package is installed on the UNIX client only. However, you must start the Host Socket Servers that are part of the AS/400 distribution OS for v3r1 or above. 

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Which Locales (Languages) are supported by Client Access for UNIX OS? 

Most Languages that have CCSID support on the AS/400 (except bi-directional languages) are also supported by Client Access for UNIX OS. 

The complete Language environment must be installed on the UNIX client. Client Access for UNIX OS installs the Language converters (iconv) on SUN/Solaris and HP. For AIX, the iconv converters are provided on the AIX System distribution CD and must be installed. 

In addition, Client Access for UNIX OS provides an on-line Help HTML file and application message translations for the following languages: 

Dutch Netherlands, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. 

On Linux, perform one of the following steps to compensate for differences in locale names between what Linux currently uses and what CAUNIX expects. For instance, CAUNIX expects en_US.utf8, but the default locale on recent Linux distributions is en_US.UTF-8. Use echo $LANG to display your locale. Applications may hang if you fail to account for the locale name.

  • Edit the file $CA400/etc/conf/lang.cs and add line for your locale. e.g. for en_US.UTF-8, copy the line for en_US.utf8.


  • Set your locale to C (or one of the other NLS locales supported by CAUNIX) rather than the default of en_US.UTF-8.

bash: export LANG=C
csh: setenv LANG C

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Which environment variables must be set in order to run Client Access for UNIX OS? 

You must make sure to set the environment variables correctly for your UNIX platform in order for CA/UNIX to run properly. 

Refer to the Client Access for UNIX Quick Start Guide for instructions on setting environment variables. 

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What is a Host Socket Server and why is it important to run Client Access for UNIX OS? 

Client Access for UNIX OS functions communicate with programs that run on the AS/400. These programs are referred to as 'host socket server' programs. Host socket servers are part of the AS/400 distribution OS for v3r1 or above. 

These host servers MUST be available and running in order to run Client Access for UNIX OS. 

To start the host servers, on the AS/400 command line, enter: 


The host servers and default port numbers are: 

  • Central server - 8470 
  • database - 8471 
  • dtaq - 8472 
  • file server - 8473 
  • Net print server- 8474
  • Rmtcmd - 8475 
  • signon server - 8476 
  • Server Mapper - 449

Note that these are the defaults and all but the Server Mapper can be changed. 

Use the Cash Access Shell (CASH) command 'pingserver' to verify that the eight necessary AS/400 servers are connected and available. 

pingserver 449

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Does Client Access for Unix support bi-directional file transfer?

CA/UNIX does support bi-directional file transfers either using the caftp program or through APIs. The transfers MUST be initiated on the UNIX side. A data file transferred from UNIX to AS/400 will become a source physical file. If you want to convert the source physical file to a data file, you will need to write a program using the APIs.

For more details, see "About Transferring Files" in the Client Access for UNIX User's Guide.Acrobat PDF

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Why do I need ICONV support?

Client Access does not provide its own language support; it relies on the ICONV converters provided by the UNIX operating system. The ICONV converters support language conversions when downloading or uploading from an AS/400 to the UNIX system and vice versa. For example, if your AS/400 has a CCSID set to French, having the proper ICONV converters installed means that CAUNIX will be able to read the AS/400 files.

Most Linux distributions come standard with needed ICONV support; it is primarily AIX and Solaris where extra installation may be required.

You can install the ICONV converters from the UNIX Operating System CD (i.e. AIX 4.3 installation CDs). For more information, see "ICONV Converts" in the Client Access for UNIX User's Guide. Acrobat PDF

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Does Client Access for Unix support remote printing?

No, CAUNIX allows you to print through your AS/400 applications, but we rely on the tcp/ip programs supplied lpr/lpd. You cannot print from the UNIX system to an AS/400 printer.

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What is the difference between ca5250 and xca5250?

Both programs perform the same function. ca5250 is cursors based and xca5250 is X Windows based. ca5250 is presented in black and white, while xca5250 resembles the AS/400 (black and green).

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When do I need to run post_install?

After you have installed CAUNIX, please run post_install. If you receive a ‘security error’ and have gone through the technical document regarding the QUSER account, you will have to run post_install again.

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Why do I get 'Security Error' when I try to add a server or connect with Client Access for UNIX OS? 

Make sure that the hostservers on your AS/400 are started and available. 

On the AS/400 command line enter:


Make sure that your userid and password for the AS/400 host are valid and enabled. 

Verify that the post-installation script ($CA400/etc/post_install) was run as described in the Setup documentation. 

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I get ' nameofapplication: fatal: can't open file: errno=2? 

This typically occurs on SUN/Solaris platforms and indicates that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is not set or is set incorrectly. 

Make sure that it is set correctly and exported (if using Borne or Korn shell). 


Note: A similar error may occur on SUN/Solaris if the OS is not supported by Client Access for UNIX OS. SunOS must be 5.5x or above and Solaris must be 2.5x or above. 

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When I try to connect or set a server in CASH, I get 'Error, Central Server Down' 

The host servers on your AS/400 are not running. 

On the AS/400 command line enter:


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How do I exit from ca5250 (character-oriented 5250 emulator)?

Use Esc-m to view the Menu bar, then use the arrow or tab keys to navigate to the File menu and select Exit.


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