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How to View the AS/400 Joblog for Client Access Security Errors

Last Update: Septermber 1, 1998
Product: Client Access for UNIX
Operating System: All
Article ID: SQV00CA007


When first connecting to the AS/400 using Client Access For UNIX OS, you may get a Security Error message if there are problems relating to the host socket servers. This document shows how to view the joblog for the host socket servers on the AS/400.


The host socket servers must be started before setting a server through the Client Access for UNIX Server Manager. If they are started, or you believe they are, and you get an error '216: Security error', check the AS/400 joblog for the Signon socket server.

To check the joblog, follow these steps from an AS/400 command line:

  1. Type wrkactjob
  2. Press F14 for "Include prestarted jobs"
  3. Page down to the QSYSWRK subsystem
  4. Look for the QZSOSIGN job
  5. Place a 5 next to that job for "work with job"
  6. Select 10 for "Display joblog"

Correct any errors that the joblog reflect, and try to set the server in Server Manager again.



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