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Setting a Default Font Size for the Client Access for UNIX 5250 Emulator

Last Update: September 1, 1998
Product: Client Access for UNIX
Operating System: All
Article ID: SQV00CA010


Some users find the default fontsize of the 5250 Emulator xca5250 difficult to read. This behavior can be changed by editing one file in the Client Access for UNIX installation.


To set the default fontsize, edit the file found in the $CA400/etc/conf directory. Each supported language has it's own line. Be careful to edit the correct line for your language.

Make a backup copy of the file Then, edit the file. It's contents will look like the following:


For example, the first line, CCSID 037, is the correct one to change for English. The default fontsize is the first number in the list of Font Size Constraints. In this example, it is 12. If we want the default to be 18, change the first value to 18, such as this:


The emulator will now appear with the 18 font size for all users. Some trial with different font sizes may be necessary to get the correct window size for your individual needs.

If there is an asterisk(*) in the entry for your language, then change the entry to a finite list of values in the above examples. This will force the emulator to appear with a specific font size at startup.



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