StarQuest Technical Documents

StarLicense Troubleshooting

Last Update: 6 March 2015
Product: StarLicense
Version: 1.2 or later
Article ID: SQV00SL007


This technical document describes some of the issues that may be encountered when using StarQuest's licensing products.

See also StarSQL for Java Licensing for issues related to licensing when using the StarSQL for Java JDBC driver.

The following topics are covered:

Determining if starlicense.dll is in use (Windows clients)


Determining if starlicense.dll is in use (Windows clients)

Changes made with starlic.exe (StarLicense Configuration) on Windows clients do not take affect if starlicense.dll is in use. THe changes will take affect when the process using the DLL ends and the DLL is unloaded.

To check whether starlicense.dll is in use:

  1. Download Process Explorer from Microsoft
  2. Unpack the zip and run procexp.exe as Administrator
  3. Select "Find Handle or DLL.." from the Find menu
  4. Enter the string starlicense.dll

If the DLL is in use, the process using it will be displayed. The process may be a service, such as SQDRSVC (StarQuest Data Replicator), Microsoft SQL Server (if you are using a Linked Server with StarSQL), or Oracle (if you are using the Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC with StarSQL).



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