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Silent Installation of StarSQL for Java

Last Update: 17 July 2018
Product: StarSQL for Java
Version: 2.5x & later
Article ID: SQV00SJ009


This technical note explains how to install StarSQL for Java silently without user interaction; this is useful for automating the processing of deployment on a large number of client computers.


The Windows installer for StarSQL for Java is a basic MSI installation built with InstallShield. You can run a silent installation by passing the appropriate MSI arguments as parameters to setup.exe.

The following example performs a complete installation to the default location (Program Files\StarQuest\StarSQL for Java):

setup /S /v"/qn"

The arguments passed to MSI (/qn) are enclosed in double quotes and there must be no space after /v.

The following is an example of installing only the JDBC driver, the Release Notes, and the licensing components to a target directory of D:\Program Files\My Directory Name:

setup /S /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=Driver,License,ReadMe INSTALLDIR=\"D:\Program Files\My Directory Name\""

Note that backslash characters are needed to escape the double quotes around a directory name that contains spaces.

The following is a list of the Features that can be passed to the ADDLOCAL parameter:

  • Driver - the JDBC driver (StarSQL_JDBC.jar)
  • License - files related to licensing
  • ReadMe - Release Notes
  • Doc - StarSQL for Java User's Guide
  • Samples - sample applications



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