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StarSQL for Java Troubleshooting

Last Update: 30 April 2015
Product: StarSQL for Java
Version: 2.2 & later
Article ID: SQV0SJ012


This document describes issues encountered at customer sites and the solution for each.

Unexpected disconnect using IBM WebSphere Application Server or other Java applications


Occasionally a query would fail with the error [StarSQL][JDBC Driver] Communications error - the input stream ended abnormally while receiving data. WebSphere's Test Connection function succeeded. A DRDA trace indicated a successful connection to the host system, followed by an SQL statement sent to the host over an hour later, with no response from the host.


This situation may occur if the WebSphere connection pool is set to hold connections longer than the DB2 idle timer. The result is that the application attempts to connect using a socket that has already been closed by DB2. The solution is to configure the WebSphere idle timer to a value less than the DB2 idle timer.

This condition is not unique to WebSphere; similar mismatches may occur when using other Java applications and application servers.

Connecting to Apache Derby


Connecting to Apache Derby fails with the error:

The use of Distributed Data Management (DDM) command X'2121' not supported


Add decimalDelimiter=host;sendUnicode=True to the connection URL e.g.

JDBC://;decimalDelimiter=host; sendUnicode=True




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