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How to Return Result Set Column Names from a DB2 Stored Procedure

Last Update: 26 June 2008
Product: StarSQL
Version: 5.x
Article ID: SQV00SQ002


When calling a DB2 for OS/390 stored procedure, the result set column names may not be returned to the application. If no column names are returned from DB2, StarSQL will provide default column names (i.e. Column1, Column2,...ColumnN).


If you want the client application to receive the column names of the result set from a stored procedure call, set the DESCSTAT value on the DSNTIPF panel of the DB2 host to YES. The default value for DB2 v7 and earlier is NO, for DB2 v8 and v9, the default value is YES.

Additional Information

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Installation Guide, Document Number GC26-9936-02

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Installation Guide, Document Number GC18-7418-07

DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS
Installation Guide, Document Number GC18-9846-03


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