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Preventing Users from Creating Packages in DB2/400

Last Update: 26 June 2008
Product: StarSQL
Version: 5.x
Article ID: SQV00SQ023


AS/400 database administrators can control a user's ability to create packages by changing the authority on the CRTSQLPKG (Create SQL Package) object.


Once the packages that you wish users to be able to execute have been created and the appropriate authorities granted, a database administrator can prevent users from creating new packages by editing authority on the object CRTSQLPKG (Create SQL Package) in library QSYS. Specific instructions follow:

  • Log onto a terminal session on the AS/400 with QSECOFR or greater authority.
  • At the command line, enter the command:


  • Type "2" in order to edit authority on the object Create SQL Package.

Here, you can grant specific authority to users, add/remove users, or simply change the authority of PUBLIC to *EXCLUDE to prevent users who are not specifically named and are not members of the authorization list from creating packages.

For more information about StarSQL packages, refer to the StarSQL and StarAdmin online help.

For more information about this feature, refer to the IBM technical documentation for your AS/400.


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