StarQuest Technical Documents

Sample ASP Script for use with Microsoft IIS

Last Update: 16 October 2008
Product: StarSQL
Versions: 5.x
Article ID: SQV00SQ043


The sample ASP script that shows you how to connect to your DB2 with StarSQL.



<TITLE>StarQuest ASP Sample</TITLE>

Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set RS = Conn.Execute("SELECT * from PROD.INVOICE")



<!--Create the header rows-->

<% For i = 0 to RS.Fields.Count - 1 %>
<% =RS(i).Name %>
<% Next %>


<!--Get all the data and close the connection-->


<!--Loop through the data and display-->

<% For row = 0 to UBound(v,2) %>

<% For col = 0 to UBound(v,1) %>
<% = v(col,row) %>
<% Next %>

<% Next %>



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