SQDR is a cost-efficient, low-impact, and real-time MySQL data replication tool for enterprise environments.

Easily replicate 100 million transactions per hour and data sets over 1TB.

Trusted By Leading Brands

Why SQDR Is the Best Choice for MySQL Database Replication

Any-to-Any Pairings

Our vendor-agnostic technology allows you to pair MySQL databases with the most current DBMS solutions on the market. Easily replicate MySQL to MySQL. Migrate MySQL to Oracle, MySQL to SQL, or nearly anything else.

Minimal Production Impact

SQDR is built to have a near-zero impact on production databases. It’s deployed on an intermediate server between the source and destination databases, resulting in virtually no resource drain on production infrastructure.

Avoid Data Loss from Disconnection

If a connection is broken, no data is damaged. SQDR will checkpoint the ingestion process and resume it from the saved point when the connection is re-established. Other databases are unaffected.

Real-Time Reliability

SQDR delivers data in near-real time to provide instantaneous visibility on key business functions from inventory and logistics to manufacturing information. Eliminate lagging and inaccurate batch reporting.

It's Only Getting Better

SQDR has an annual roadmap for platform updates to accommodate new database pairings. Unlike some other solutions, SQDR won't go out of date; it will involve active updates to stay compatible with emerging market requirements.

Expert, Responsive Support

90% of support tickets are resolved within 24 hours. SQDR support personnel aren't only experts in the SQDR platform – they also have deep expertise in the data stores that SQDR is used to pair.

SQDR powers robust data replication trusted by enterprise organizations for mission-critical needs.

It’s a perfect MySQL replication tool for the following use cases.

Data Warehousing

Need to replicate MySQL data to a warehouse? SQDR can streamline the process for virtually any data type.

Application Development

Need a testing sandbox for a new MySQL application? SQDR can give you the data to create one.

Compliance and Auditing

Need to query MySQL data for auditing or compliance reporting? SQDR can ensure you have accuracy.

Zero-Downtime Data Migration

Need to migrate MySQL data without pausing critical processes? SQDR can help you seamlessly transition.


Need to ensure real-time redundancy of vital MySQLdata? SQDR can be the linchpin of your disaster recovery approach.

The SQDR Difference

Here’s what sets us apart from other MySQL data replication solutions.

• Rapid application deployment.
• Up to 90% more affordable than other solutions.
• No vendor lock-in.
• Best-in-class support.

Get reliable replication from MySQL to any database pairings. Make the process easy and affordable.

“Choosing SQDR was the easiest software decision I’ve made in the last 20 years. StarQuest CDC just works and we don’t have to rebuild. The ticketing system is very easy to use and we love the very responsive support. We are 100% satisfied.“

- Mark Pawloski
Director of Business Intelligence, Penn Foster

Here’s how you can get started.

These three steps will help you to ensure that SQDR works for your needs, then seamlessly deploy your solution to start MySQL replication rapidly.


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