Why Choose SQDR Over Oracle GoldenGate?

SQDR offers top-flight performance, set-it-and-forget-it reliability, a more intuitive interface, a substantially more attractive feature set, and a highly experienced support team that offers timely end-to-end support. All for 10-20% of the cost of GoldenGate.

How is this possible? Oracle’s vendor lock-in strategy stresses keeping customers completely within Oracle’s product suite. For Oracle, database heterogeneity is a threat; for StarQuest, data heterogeneity is an opportunity. As such, the key differentiators to choose SQDR over Oracle GoldenGate include:

  1. Pricing By Load Versus Pricing Per Core
    Oracle GoldenGate prices data replication on a per-core basis, whereas StarQuest prices SQDR according to load. Per-core pricing is an arbitrary method for artificially bloating prices as number of cores has minimal effect on the cost of providing real-time replication. Load, on the other hand, does drives cost as replicating greater amounts of data requires increasingly powerful systems. Load pricing also ensures that a customer’s costs scale proportionately with the amount of replication being performed.
  2. No Dedicated Engineers
    SQDR is the most robust data replication technology on the market and it requires no engineers to babysit replication. Once set up, SQDR reliably runs in the background uninterrupted. The complexity of Oracle GoldenGate requires a dedicated engineer to ensure that replication is running properly, which drastically increases costs.
  3. Rapid Deployment Versus Extended Implementation
    Oracle customers often need to upgrade their hardware or software to setup GoldenGate and it can take weeks to fully implement data replication. StarQuest’s full-service implementation launches virtually all replication customers in under 24 hours without any need for changing the existing system. SQDR generates baseline copies at a standard speed of 25GB/hour, but can be “supercharged” to 500GB/hour if needed. Once the replication is live, pairings reliably run without any need for refreshing the pairing or other maintenance interruptions.
  4. Browser-Based User Interface Versus Command Line Interface
    SQDR, like most software today, offers a browser-based interface that is intuitive and requires no special expertise. Oracle GoldenGate’s interface is command-line only and requires significant Oracle experience to properly run.
  5. End-to-End Support
    Oracle GoldenGate customers often find themselves “half-supported” when troubleshooting the non-Oracle halves of replication pairs. Oracle support does not offer expertise in SQL Server, for example, which can leave the customer to troubleshoot replication on their own. StarQuest’s support philosophy is to ensure the customer receives the real-time replication they have purchased. StarQuest’s support team has extensive experience with all supported source and destination platforms to ensure that customers will be supported in all aspects of their replication pairings and over 94% of support tickets are closed within 24 hours

More Information
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