Real-time database replication and change data capture for heterogeneous environments

Achieving the 24×7 data availability demanded in today’s global business environment is a constant challenge. To keep your business in motion, it is crucial to access your valuable data assets, from real-time reporting to unplanned system outages.

Key Benefits
  • High performance with low impact on existing systems using passive data replication
  • Scalable architecture with independent tiers, which may be horizontally scaled
  • Move data between heterogeneous database platforms such as between IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server or between Oracle and IBM DB2
  • Centralized design with robust, familiar browser-based and Windows GUI management and configuration
  • Change data capture replicating only changes, avoiding duplication of entire systems
  • Rapid deployment, including automatic creation of destination tables
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Use Cases
  • Data stores for ecommerce
  • Real-time process control
  • Data warehouse development
  • Physical inventory data capture
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Call center activity reporting
  • Host migration
  • Data ecosystem development
  • Database change auditing

To remain competitive and profitable, sharing real-time information across your platforms, databases and applications is vital. SQDR mirrors your disparate data sets and captures incremental changes between DB2, SQL Server and Oracle, delivering high availability and expanding your data ecosystem in real-time.

Low impact. High value. Robust design. First-rate performance.

StarQuest’s SQDR data replication software delivers real-time data agility and enterprise-level security to protect your data assets:

  • When you need to convert millions of transactions records into multiple reporting systems
  • If you want to conserve time and resources transferring large amounts of data from remote locations into a central server
  • When a disaster, such as a local power outage, requires you to switch your application to a remote site

StarQuest guides your database replication requirements with our extensive experience and expertise with IBM i, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle and network protocols. Our unique thin server technology supports multi-tiered deployments that minimizes impact on existing systems, providing you with first-rate reliable performance and the smallest system footprint in the industry. No need to upgrade hosts and no programming required. Plus SQDR has a user friendly interface enabling configuration in minutes, not hours or days.