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A constant challenge in today’s global business environment is the demand for 24×7 data availability. Sharing information across platforms, databases and applications regardless of location is crucial. Missing or inaccessible data can mean lost productivity, business opportunity and revenue.

Fortunately, SQDR makes it easy to reach your information sharing goals while also protecting your company’s valuable data assets—whether your system changes or outages are planned or unplanned. SQDR mirrors your disparate data sets between IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle in real-time. In addition, with StarQuest’s GUI and configuration wizards, set up and operations are a snap.


Astonishingly simple real-time
replication and change data capture

SQDR Delivers
  • Inherently robust replication infrastructure for such scenarios as IBM DB2 to SQL Server replication
  • High performance with low impact on existing systems without interfering with existing applications
  • Scalable architecture with independent tiers, which may be horizontally scaled
  • Low entry-level pricing
  • Familiar browser-based Windows and GUI tools
  • Rapid deployment, including automatic creation of destination tables
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

High performance. Low impact. Great value.

You grow your business, we’ll keep your data moving. SQDR provides data availability and secure IBM DB2 data replication across multiple databases in real time, regardless of host or target system location. IT teams will experience an elegant, simply designed data replication solution that can be rapidly deployed with minimal host impact. SQDR requires no programming and is configured in hours, not days or weeks.

We bring your legacy data sources in from the cold. You can synchronize and mirror your legacy data to other IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL systems, using lightning fast multi-threaded processing, without having any host system expertise.

Why StarQuest? StarQuest guides your data replication requirements with our extensive experience and expertise with IBM DB2, IBM i, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and network protocols. Our unique thin server technology supports multi-tiered deployments that minimizes impact on existing systems, providing you with first-rate reliable performance and the smallest system footprint in the industry. StarQuest’s purpose-built data replication software is feature-rich yet is the choice for customers requiring real-time access to data without any programming. In addition, our comprehensive support frees your IT teams to concentrate on strategic goals instead of spending scarce resources on monitoring, troubleshooting, or tuning. While other products may provide similar features, SQDR goes beyond by giving you an industrial strength, affordable solution with a scalable architecture, superlative support, and no vendor lock-in.


Lower your TCO with StarQuest’s real-time data replication solution

Leverage Multiple Data Sources
  • Leverage multiple data distribution topologies and sources
  • Mirror data between heterogeneous database platforms such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Kognitio WX2, and MySQL
  • Enable new application deployment designed for specific databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server
  • Proven compatibility with popular enterprise applications including, JD Edwards, Enterprise One (Oracle), Lawson, and Tableau
  • Interoperable with existing High Availability Data Replication software such as Vision MIMIX and MaxAVA
  • Expand the scope of usable corporate data for more complete use and visibility
Open, Neutral, Low Impact
  • Based upon open-standards such as TCP/IP, ODBC and SQL to work in any environment: physical, virtual or cloud
  • Avoids vendor-lock in
  • Change Data Capture gives real time asynchronous data replication of net changes without duplicating the entire database
  • Quick to deploy
  • Ultra-low system footprint at less than 1% host system resource consumption
  • Supports existing enterprise security mechanisms while controlling and limiting access to sensitive information
  • Compatible with wide range of existing DBMS versions, so there is no need to upgrade stable host environments while obtaining the benefits of SQDR on newer platforms
Agile, High Performing, Scalable
  • Real-time log-based IBM DB2 replication for flexible, fast data sharing and scheduling
  • User-friendly GUI, with configuration wizards and no programming required
  • Incremental (mirroring) or snapshot (full fresh) data replication options
  • Highly scalable industrial strength design replicates thousands of changes per second
  • Robust design enables automatic recovery
  • Run synchronization operations on demand or at predetermined schedules without interfering with production–no need for “exclusive locks”
  • Configurable notification settings

StarQuest has been a leading provider of database connectivity products since 1994. StarQuest products use open standards to maximize compatibility and interoperability within an enterprise network. StarQuest is an active member of The Open Group software industry consortium, which was responsible for the adoption of DRDA as an industry standard for database interoperability. The StarQuest technology takes full advantage of open-standards such as DRDA, SQL, ODBC, and JDBC.
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