View PDFSQDR: Real-time enterprise database replication

SQDR provides data availability and secure data replication across multiple databases in real-time, regardless of host or target system location. IT teams experience an elegant, simply designed solution with minimal host impact that can be configured in hours, not days or weeks. SQDR moves data easily among your core relational databases in real-time across firewalls, to other teams, or to the cloud.

No-programming Ease and Affordability

GUI-based replication between your database platforms at a low TCO
Simple installation with GUI interfaces, configuration wizards, and advanced tools make product setup and operation straightforward, with no programming or consultants needed. The SQDR Driver bundle includes licenses for high-performance ODBC drivers for IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Depending upon your requirements, snapshot, incremental, and bi-directional replication are available. Only a single SQDR license is needed for source and destination databases, regardless of how many tables are replicated, delivering extremely low TCO.

Speedy and Agile

Replicate multiple tables concurrently in heterogeneous environments
Move data between heterogeneous database platforms, such as between IBM DB2 or Oracle and SQL Server or between IBM DB2, Oracle, Informix, and MySQL. The SQDR solution provides reliable, high-speed, affordable replication for any relational database accessible via ODBC. SQDR leverages native data loading functions, and exploits multithreaded processing to provide fast, reliable performance for replicating multiple tables concurrently.

Powerful, Flexible, and Secure

Safe data transformation on your own terms
StarQuest gives you greater control by allowing you to choose replication of data you want with both vertical and selected horizontal partitioning. Replace existing tables or merge on a row-by-row basis. SQDR also supports derived destination columns and data transformations, including automatic and customized conversion and selection of dates, views, indexes, and constraints. While flexible, SQDR fully enforces the enterprise security mechanisms by integrating with both SQL Server/Windows security and the native security of your DB2 system.

Thin Server, Ultra-low Footprint

Database-neutral solution at less than 1% resource consumption
SQDR can process millions of changes per hour at a near zero footprint, avoiding any burden on your production or host databases. With no need to install or upgrade software on the source or target systems, deployment is fast and downtime is zero for migrations or upgrades. Our database-neutral SQDR data replication tools give you the highest performance at the lowest impact.

Flexible Licensing

StarQuest provides an affordable data replication solution, especially compared to other enterprise-level replication products. The SQDR license model is independent of the number of cores of either the source or destination DBMS- so customers only pay for the capacity required to support the replication processing load. Development/QA and Disaster Recovery (DR) pricing discounts are also provided.

Feature Summary

  • Incremental replication (mirroring)
  • Snapshot replication (full refresh)
  • Bidirectional replication
  • Flexible replication scheduling and filtering
  • Change Data Apply
    preserves transactional
  • Uses high-performance
    bulk-loading technology featuring restart checkpoints and multithreaded
  • Subscription grouping and multi-channel apply of
    change data
  • Compressed Change Data
  • Centralized “published” control of tables published for replication
  • Audit trail features (change timestamp, job identification, unique identifier, Delete as Update options)
  • No-maintenance window: Refresh uses shared locks — operates concurrently with production
  • Transaction replay
  • Performance statistics
  • GUI-based interfaces for
    control and configuration featuring easy-to-use wizards
  • Replication of views, indexes, and constraints
  • Automatic conversion of data types, including up-conversion to Unicode
  • Customizable conversion of data types
  • Automatic Data Modeling (dynamic creation of destination objects including automatic mapping of column attributes while permitting user-defined customizations).
  • Vertical (column picking) & Horizontal (row selection criteria) definitions
  • Ability to define columns using built-in macros to access change data audit information.
  • Support for standard SQL functions to transform existing data
  • Import of table and column mapping definitions
  • SQL processing before or after full-refresh
  • Comprehensive scripting tools
  • Push changes to message buses using XML-formatted messages
  • Schema change notifications
  • Event log and email notifications
IBM i-specific
  • Remote Journal support
  • Multi-member support
  • Support for Minimize Entry Data (MINENTDTA) and (*AFTER)

StarQuest has been a leading provider of database connectivity products since 1994. StarQuest products use open standards to maximize compatibility and interoperability within an enterprise network. StarQuest is an active member of The Open Group software industry consortium, which was responsible for the adoption of DRDA as an industry standard for database interoperability. The StarQuest technology takes full advantage of open-standards such as DRDA, SQL, ODBC, and JDBC.
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