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High performance ODBC/JDBC database drivers for your DB2 data sources

Accessing data in DB2 is crucial for efficiently powering your data warehouse, analytics reporting and new application platforms. Leveraging valuable enterprise information can be time intensive and require scarce resources that could be better utilized for more strategic tasks. StarSQL can streamline your efforts by providing desktop access to DB2, and Linked Server access via Microsoft SQL Server, allowing your Web and Application Servers to seamlessly interface with your DB2 system.

Key Benefits
  • Seamless communication between Windows-based client computers and DB2 or Apache Derby
  • DB2 server access without proprietary gateways
  • Leverage legacy systems as well as existing hardware, applications, and network connections
  • Access to DB2 data from spreadsheets, reporting applications, Visual Basic applications, and other desktop tools
  • Data Source Configuration Wizard
Use Cases
  • Transactional access to host data including MS-DTC (2PC)
  • Client-server query applications
  • IIS and Apache web-based access to enterprise data
  • PHP-based access to DB2
  • Oracle data warehouse support
  • Standard query tools such as Cognos, Microsoft Excel, Informatica

StarSQL’s fast, reliable, affordable access to your company’s DB2 host data from any ODBC or JDBC application. The StarSQL driver gives you seamless access to DB2 data from spreadsheets, reporting applications, Visual Basic applications, and many prevalent development tools. Deploy the StarSQL driver on any number of Java, Linux, UNIX, or Windows client computers for DB2 communication infrastructure that scales with your requirements.

Bulletproof Reliability. Robust Implementation. Flexibility Squared.

StarSQL optimizes your DB2 host data path on multiple platforms:

  • Windows users get fast, reliable access to DB2 using Microsoft SQL Server Linked Servers
  • DB2 data access by Java platforms and Linux, UNIX or Windows computers
  • Environments such as Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere, RedHat JBoss, and Adobe ColdFusion
  • Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC
The StarQuest Difference
High Performance With Minimal Footprint
High Performance With Minimal Footprint

SQDR offers robust data replication with real-time speed, rapid deployment, and set-it-and-forget-it reliability. SQDR utilizes log-based change data capture to ensure organizations enjoy accurate, current data across their data ecosystems. Processing occurs on an intermediate server to minimize load on source and target databases and to maintain a unified copy of data in case of disaster.

Real-Time Performance SQDR reliably performs unidirectional or bidirectional replication with latency of under one second. Using log-based change data capture, SQDR ensures currency and maintains accuracy while minimizing the potential for conflicts between source and target databases.

Rapid Deployment Virtually all instances of SQDR are deployed in under 24 hours, saving time and money. SQDR generates baseline copies of source database at a standard speed of 25GB/hour, but that rate can be “supercharged” to reach speeds of 500GB/hour for very large implementations.

Superior Reliability After originally developing SQDR as OEM software for Microsoft, StarQuest’s highly experienced development team further refined SQDR to make it the most robust solution on the market. Unlike other replication software, SQDR reliably runs in the background without costly dedicated engineers, regular rebuilds, or other strains on client IT resources.

Thin-Server Technology SQDR performs replication on an intermediate virtual server to minimize impact on source and destination data stores. The virtual server also maintains a unified copy of the source and target databases in case of disaster.

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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

With SQDR, you can have enterprise-level quality without enterprise-level prices. SQDR’s superior design does not require babysitting by an expensive dedicated engineer, our load-based pricing scales congruently with your needs, and pricing includes full-service implementation, update installation, and other essential customer service requirements. SQDR customers have saved 67% versus IBM, 40% versus Attunity, and 90% versus Oracle over 5-year deals.


Load-Based Pricing Vs. Core-Based PricingMost replication vendors charge by core, artificially bloating price even though number of cores has limited effect on a vendor’s costs. StarQuest prices SQDR far more fairly by pegging price to the load for a given implementation. This makes SQDR more affordable both upfront and in subsequent years.

No Dedicated EngineersSQDR is the most robust solution on the market and it does not require any ongoing engineering to run properly. Most of our competitors require that a dedicated engineer babysit your replication pairings, which adds tens of thousands of dollars to your annual price.

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Industry-Leading Usability
Industry-Leading Usability

Our intuitive Windows-based UI makes setup simple and reporting a breeze. You can choose which tables, rows, and columns that you want to replicate, ensuring that data is replicated efficiently and appropriately.

Browser-Based GUISQDR utilizes an intuitive browser-based GUI similar to most modern applications, making setup and customizations easy as can be.

Simple Dashboard For Monitoring PerformanceSQDR’s dashboard makes it easy to check the status of your replication pairings.

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Robust Feature Set
Robust Feature Set

SQDR features highly specialized features including automatic detection of schema changes, ETL functionality, automatic restoration of replication following loss of connectivity, and much, much more.

Automatic Detection of Schema ChangesSQDR automatically detects schema changes and will prompt the administrator to update the configuration of their implementation to ensure continued accuracy.

ETL FunctionalitySQDR has built-in ETL functionalities that aid in the refactoring of applications and managing platform differences.

Specify Tables, Columns & Rows to ReplicateSQDR lets you specify the tables, columns, and rows to be replicated, ensuring that replication is performed efficiently and that data is shared appropriately.

Disaster ReadinessIf connectivity is lost due to database failure or another disaster scenario, SQDR will store a unified copy of your data on its intermediate server and automatically restart replication as soon as connectivity is restored.

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Superior Customer Support
Superior Customer Support

StarQuest’s highly experienced technologists have been developing data software for over 25 years and have detailed knowledge of every data platform we support. Whether you need basic support or have a tricky technical challenge, our customer service representatives will work with you to efficiently solve any problem. We take pride in closing 94% of our support tickets in 24 hours or less.

End-to-End SupportStarQuest’s customer support team has extensive knowledge of all supported data stores and can troubleshoot replication pairing end-to-end. We understand that replication almost always involves mission-critical functions and we will ensure that pairings are working properly. This is a crucial difference versus Oracle and IBM, which will leave you half supported in heterogeneous environments.

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