High performance ODBC/JDBC database drivers for your DB2 data sources

Accessing data in DB2 is crucial for efficiently powering your data warehouse, analytics reporting and new application platforms. Leveraging valuable enterprise information can be time intensive and require scarce resources that could be better utilized for more strategic tasks. StarSQL can streamline your efforts by providing desktop access to DB2, and Linked Server access via Microsoft SQL Server, allowing your Web and Application Servers to seamlessly interface with your DB2 system.

Key Benefits
  • Seamless communication between Windows-based client computers and DB2 or Apache Derby
  • DB2 server access without proprietary gateways
  • Leverage legacy systems as well as existing hardware, applications, and network connections
  • Access to DB2 data from spreadsheets, reporting applications, Visual Basic applications, and other desktop tools
  • Data Source Configuration Wizard
Use Cases
  • Transactional access to host data including MS-DTC (2PC)
  • Client-server query applications
  • IIS and Apache web-based access to enterprise data
  • PHP-based access to DB2
  • Oracle data warehouse support
  • Standard query tools such as Cognos, Microsoft Excel, Informatica

StarSQL’s fast, reliable, affordable access to your company’s DB2 host data from any ODBC or JDBC application. The StarSQL driver gives you seamless access to DB2 data from spreadsheets, reporting applications, Visual Basic applications, and many prevalent development tools. Deploy the StarSQL driver on any number of Java, Linux, UNIX, or Windows client computers for DB2 communication infrastructure that scales with your requirements.

Bulletproof Reliability. Robust Implementation. Flexibility Squared.

StarSQL optimizes your DB2 host data path on multiple platforms:

  • Windows users get fast, reliable access to DB2 using Microsoft SQL Server Linked Servers
  • DB2 data access by Java platforms and Linux, UNIX or Windows computers
  • Environments such as Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere, RedHat JBoss, and Adobe ColdFusion
  • Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC