View PDFStarSQL: High performance ODBC/JDBC Database Drivers for your DB2 data sources

Accessing and updating data in DB2 is crucial for empowering your new application platforms and web-services. The direct connection to DB2 enables developers to deploy new business solutions without requiring specialized host skills. The StarSQL driver provides seamless access to DB2 data from spreadsheets, reporting applications, Visual Basic applications, and other desktop tools. Deploy the StarSQL driver on any number of Java, Linux, UNIX, or Windows client computers to build a solid middleware infrastructure that scales with your requirements and ever-expanding applications.

Optimize the DB2 data path. StarSQL is a client-based solution for applications requiring transactional and query-based access to DB2. Direct access, multiple application frameworks, gateways, and Linked Server access are supported. StarSQL allows your desktop users and your Web and Application Servers to seamlessly interface with your DB2 system. StarSQL optimizes the DB2 data path, allowing SQL Server users and utilities to access DB2 data as if it were located in another SQL Server table.

No need to crack the code on how
to access your DB2 data

StarSQL offers performance, ease-of-use, and reliability at an affordable price point.

  • Flexible – works with a wide array of Application Servers, Java and ODBC clients
  • Easy to setup – the Data Source Setup Wizard will walk you through the steps
  • Fast Performance – optimized to use the DRDA protocol for transport of DB2 data
  • Efficient – a small footprint with a rich, high performing feature set
  • Reliable – supports all data types and DB2 versions
  • Simplified transaction control – distributed transaction support across multiple databases (2PC)

Robust Implementation, Performance, and Reliability. StarSQL uses open industry standards to deliver rapid access to DB2. It implements unique, built-in memory management, collapsed protocol layers, and minimal data transfer, to provide the industry’s fastest remote data access. StarSQL supports all data types and DB2 versions.

Easy to Use, Seamless to Implement. A Data Source Configuration Wizard steps users through the configuration of StarSQL to access a particular data source. You also can install custom, pre-defined Data Source Name definitions so that StarSQL can be easily deployed throughout your organization. StarSQL is compatible with most applications, providing users with immediate access to DB2 data. Plus StarSQL is completely thread-safe, so you can use StarSQL with Web servers, transaction processors, and data replication tools.

Bulletproof Reliability. Flexibility Squared.

Why StarQuest? StarQuest can guide your DB2 access requirements with our extensive experience and expertise with DB2, IBM i, SQL Server, Oracle and network protocols. Our comprehensive support frees up your IT teams to concentrate on strategic  goals instead of spending scarce resources on monitoring, troubleshooting, or tuning. The StarSQL driver provides you with speedy, reliable access to your company’s DB2 host data from any ODBC or JDBC application and a client computer. In addition, with no host software or proprietary gateway required, you can leverage your existing hardware and network connections.

A Bridge between Windows, Linux/Unix, Java,
and DB2

Secure Data Access and Control. StarSQL encrypts user IDs and passwords to provide greater security and data access control. The StarSQL driver respects the security protocols of the host and client computers, allowing users to access only the data to which they have permission. In addition, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is available when communicating with supported hosts.

Very cost-effective, flexible deployment options. StarSQL is not copy protected and may be deployed for use on any combination of servers and workstations, including Windows, UNIX and Java platforms. StarSQL works with a wide array of Application Servers, Java and ODBC clients. Attractive entry-level pricing and volume-purchase discounts are available.

Support for All Major Languages. StarSQL includes conversion support for all major language groups, including legacy hosts that use Extended EBCDIC for East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). StarSQL also supports modern applications and hosts that take advantage of Unicode encoding.

How to Buy. StarSQL is offered with flexible packaging and licensing options. Licenses are priced according to the maximum number of StarSQL concurrent connections needed for either the ODBC or JDBC driver. Contact StarQuest for exact pricing and let us show you how you can trade in your existing 3rd party DB2 drivers and achieve a six month payback.

Support for the latest DRDA Compliant Databases including IBM i 7.4, DB2 12 for z/OS, DB2 11.5 for LUW and Apache Derby.

Key Benefits
  • Database access from all
    popular computing platforms and languages
  • Affordable, flexible licensing and pricing
  • Optimized for fast data access
  • Secure access, including SSL support
  • Enhanced support for Stored Procedures
  • Thread-safe for application and web server
Key Features
  • 32-bit and 64-bit, ODBC
    driver for Windows, Linux
    and UNIX
  • Compliance with the latest ODBC and DRDA specifications
  • Type 4 (native Java) JDBC driver
  • Support for XML and LOB data types
  • Supports Apache Derby

StarQuest has been a leading provider of database connectivity products since 1994. StarQuest products use open standards to maximize compatibility and interoperability within an enterprise network. StarQuest is an active member of The Open Group software industry consortium, which was responsible for the adoption of DRDA as an industry standard for database interoperability. The StarQuest technology takes full advantage of open-standards such as DRDA, SQL, ODBC, and JDBC.
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